Yuliya Marushevska: "The head is – robit zmіni і vprovadzhuvati nov standardi in life"

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Ex-head mitnitsі, a big activist, a member of the team at the Transparency International Defense & Security Program in Ukraine, Yuliya Marushevska became the third heroine of the L'Officiel special project and the Ukrainian brand costume brand LKcostume, which was attached to the ker-dress suits. About kar'uru, style and swept Yuliya rozpovila us in Interview.

Kim vi miyali stati in child і on whom they pishli read?

I read the book of bagato, and my first book was about Alisi's usefulness, yak litae mіzh planets and virishuvala folding, ryatuchi svіti, mandryuchi mіzh hour і open space. Oskіlki on kosmichnogo mandri_vnika nіde not vchili, then through my love before literature I got to read the Institute of Philology Shevchenko University. Over the years, the project is under construction, I nabuvshi nikto ryanu ryku ryku rynu ryku rykh ostrozh in Stanford University.

LKcostume suit, bag and shoes Kachorovska atelier

You have є dosvіd otrimannya osviti at the Great Britain and the United States. Scho, in your view, varto go to Ukrainian universities?

Vzagali for less tse bvu duzhe important moment – pobachit, yak pratsyuє zakh_dna osvitnya system, from the middle. Before the speech, the American and British systems of life are mixed, skinning them, and they are the real world. Tsya Osvita є case-based, and skin programs mi razgladamo vіdpovіdno to real vipadkіv. The axis, for example, on course management at the University of London, was taken by realistically applied transformations of the British Museum, but they were in the same style. Mi were compiled in detail with the image of the image, and, in a year, their own transformational models were discussed in groups, shukayuchi peregagi and skin shortcuts of proponents. All this could trivati ​​gadinami, from the post-term student professors course.

Ex-head mitnitsі, a great activist, now a member of the team of the Transparency International Defense & Security Program in Ukraine. Your spheres of peace and harmony are one after another. Rozkazit, why is the image of a sphere once bound up?

The truths are spheres є arcingly close to one to one, they stink in all directions to those who want to see our country, and you’ll just be able to look at one of the same problem: the problem of modern Ukraine. And here it is not important to fix the stars: chi from the district library, chi from the Ministry of finances. All the prices of mutual relations, and the first line of work will be similar. Golovne – їх robi i vprovadzhuvati nov standarti zhittya.

How much do you need to do? How can you overcome corruption in Ukraine on the defense sphere? І yak bagato hour for polіpshennya situatsіy, who will help the team in this new team?

Tse wider food, we happen to dovego spilkuvatsya, scum oopsopi vse сф sphere. Shchodo pershochergovy krokiv, then the stench, zvіsno, will be stovuvatsya povdenennya fret in Ukrainian concerns of the state of the company Ukroboronprom. There, the requirement is to get a yakіsny rіznoskonomnіі audit, perebiduvati naglyadovu Rada, pratsyuvati іz zakupіvlâvam that znizhennyamy іvnya secrecy. Yak shvidko? Tse bude zalesti vіd politichno ї will. I still stand on the positions that can be seen, they can, for the sake of this. It is clear that the hour has gone by, the hour has become stable and closed, and the rest of the reforms and the reforms are not going to happen. Stinks may be necessary for satisfying the intercommunications of tern, schob dati postovh for prompting a healthy system.

Suknia LKcostume

In Ukraine, it is up to the stave to zhіnok-kerіvnikіv і chi stuck in a special way with such a problem?

Schoz zrozumіti, chi є in Ukraine, they are especially staked up to zhenok-kerіvnikіv, just enough to marry on the history of zhіnok-kerіvnikіv in Ukraine, in Ukrainian Ukrainian parliament, that in the warehouse of kerіvnyttv Poki no douzhe amusing picture. Meni, on Happiness, I didn’t want to stick to yakravo viyavlenoyu discriminatory, wanting іnodo finished buvati in not unambiguous situatsіyah. Іnodі I thought, just yakbi zi svoїm dosvіdom, osvityu, navykomki I was Cholovіk, then me, melodiously, it was bi biologic. Ale, at the same hour, I was rooted out, then, I was growing and staying in the country, we grew up, and I got to know how to do it, and set new trends in my own middle age.

Yak vie spend the vіlny hour і chi є vіn at your graph?

Obviously, the main part of the game is the basis for the performance of the robot. I love the city, I love it, I love nature, the sea. Іnodі I am scamming in the middle of a working day perekopiti svіzhogo povitrya, marvel at your heart. I spend the morning on the go, to the Volodymyrskiy gіrtsі, for example, or from the small botanical garden behind the Shevchenko University. І s yak I vzhe earlier zazkala, I love reading books. Tse my svіt, de I znakhodzhu Spokіy і відповіді on food, just turbuyut.

In the wake of your own carriage on the inner suburbs, de rivalry the dress code. Chi pіdhodit you tsei style abo tse skorіshe "work uniforma"?

If you are in the country, then the address code is tse, sooner, before the state institution, to the masses, for yakie pratsyuєsh. To that, I zavzhdi zmazhdayusya dostrimuvatisya dress-code, can not nastilka suvoro і conservatively, ale as correct as possible. Ale іноі, if nema нем nyaky seryoznyh zustrichy, I can add krosіvki, easy suknyu i nagagato vіlnіche feel.

Suit LKcostume

Вис::: З З::::::: Bula y vashіy kar'єrі іstorіya, if the unintelligent calligraphy wiglyadzgrav the role of the first hour important?

In mena, on a right basis, bulo bagato zustrichy on other cities, and I vigilant on them goodness is more important for me. Ale tse, skorіshe, my є vnutrіshnє v_dchuttya. Vpnevenist kozhno ї zhinki on 95 v_dsotskiv zalezhit vіd її vnutrіshnogo vidchuttya і rechі mozutut efektno tse dopovnuvati, ale smut, schobi zhinka rya pozhalala itself і knew, just like a robo roto ña roto

Yaki brandy do you like? Is it the middle of them Ukrainian designers?

I love each other and I will ukrainian designers and start to get rid of my chance for it, if I’m shaking ode. Go to singing, I’ll come across ukrainsky suknі, zabіzhu from “All svoi”, and I already if nothing not znakhodzhu, then I shuffle on svitovim brands. Ale duzhe often come across. Ukrainian musicians make all of them yakіsnіshim, tsikavіshim, zadnim zadovolniti rіznі smaki іdpovіdati rіznim consumption. І if I feed on international podіyah, my stars are my stars, I hear: "From Ukraine".

Peeboro abo sneakers?

P_dbori – for robots, krosіvki – for vіdpochninku.

5 head rules, look at them when you add your wardrobe?

In the first place, I think about those who are going to be my day, and expect to plan it. In a friend, in the plans of accesories, melodiously, more shortly. I will not be able to access the accessory, I will add it. So the very kolkistyu kolorіv і parts. Meni follow simplicity. Thirdly, vzutiya mabuti is more comfortable and beautiful. For me it is important, through the vitracha I buy an hour in order to know the leather of a new pair. The next rule is an odeag for a living, not a living for an odega. I pick speeches, make me believe, and not just brandy. І, melodiously, the nigolovnіshche rule – niyakyh rules. I want to understand that I’m in a local situation, and I hear, I want to add something, I don’t want to do it, I’m wondering about everything that’s right for me, I’m happy.

Suknia LKcostume

Who does this mean for you є nadihayuchy butt?

I will put on that tsnuyu strong zhіnok і and I try to read them. Pam’yatayu, my own school of thought, byla Lesia Ukrainianka. I, as a Junior Naukovets, doslіdzhuvala її life for Little Academy of Sciences and was hosted by the enemy yaknu rynnuvala in her attitude and political position. Mene takozhrazil Solom_a Pavlichko – Ukrainian Literary Critic, modernist style, a yaka brought her Іdei to Ukrainian Ukrainian Provincial Ross.
Іz svіtovyh lіderіv be like Samantha Power – as a stranger to that gosperym with rose of wondiness in their own ideals in the Organizing Ob'dnanih Natsіy. From our sp_vv_tchiznitsy menі duzhe іmponuє panі Ulyana Suprun. Won nezovіm іnakshuu kakіst in the Ukrainian political:: people, vіrnіst і іntnosti i zdatnіst to c_lesprinimavano ї borotbi.

Vzagali, less nadyhayut ukrainski zhinki. For be-witted minds, for post-turbulence and in a collapsed social situation, go to take on yourself, realistically, garrone-viste, else nadichati and podtrimuvati near. This is amazing.

Over the shooting worked:

Photographer: Sergey Vasiliev
Stylist: Anna Goncharova
Hairstyles: Anna Matvienko
Makeup: Anastasia Leonova
Producer: Diana Melnikova
Stylist Assistant: Maria Zagoruiko

The editors are grateful to Coworking Platforma Leonardo for their help in conducting the shooting of Coworking Platforma Leonardo, Kiev, st. Bohdan Khmelnitsky, 17/52

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