Without eyebrows and with a stupid bang: Albina Janabaeva's baby photo caused controversy on the web

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Today, Albina Janabaeva is the dream of millions of men, the legitimate wife and the chosen one of Valery Meladze himself. But while studying at school, she was an ordinary girl who tried to follow fashion.

The photo, which the singer published the day before, caused controversy on the web. “School years are wonderful! School VIA after the performance, I have almost Viagra on the photo, I'm 13, ”the artist wrote.

Publication from Albin Janabaeva (@albinadzhanabaeva) 23 Apr 2018 at 9:02 PDT

“Similarly, Viagra! Albina, you are such a beauty! The photo is very soulful, ”“ I would never know, ”“ I can’t recognize you, Albina .. ”,“ What a cute girl ”,“ Charming ”,“ These girls are girls ”,“ And the figure is already perfect there ”,“ What warm photo, it was a good, bright time of our youth, ”admirers admire.

The singer herself stressed that the shape of the bang left much to be desired. "LTD! I remember fashion in those years) the higher the bouffant and the more varnish the cooler !!! ”,“ Yes, the bangs are necessary, the same was the “beauty”, ”the followers agreed. Now Albina looks quite different:

Publication from Albina Janabaeva (@albinadzhanabaeva) 5 Feb 2018 at 3:32 PST

However, in the children's photo there were other shortcomings of the star's appearance. “What about eyebrows?)”, “Where are the eyebrows?)”, “And the truth is, where are the eyebrows?)”, “Without eyebrows”, “She is 13, looks at all 20”, haters are criticized.

“At that time there was no tattoo, a child of 13, which is worth a fashion, a classmate she said then, stood out from the class. After all, what women, women, girls are offended, you carry all the negative, ”protect fans to their beloved.

Do you like to remember school years?

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