Why we love Kurt Vonnegut

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On November 11, our beloved satirist and greatest master in the field of black humor, Kurt Vonnegut, was born. We are adherents of Vonnegut’s philosophy and fully share his views on life, the complexity of introversion and the frailty of existence. And today we see no reason not to remember why we are so fond of the author of the immortal book "Slaughter Number Five, or Children's Crusade."


Ability to predict events in advance

"But the Gospel actually taught this: before you kill someone, check to see if he has an influential family member."

("Slaughterhouse Five, or Children's Crusade")

Kurt bribed us with the ability to read scripture between the lines. And, of course, really useful advice: now we will definitely check the genealogy of the enemies before planning a massacre.

The ability to build dialogue and argumentation

"- Go you know where!"

("Slaughterhouse Five, or Children's Crusade")

When negotiations reach an impasse, there is nothing more logical than printing an adversary categorically "Go to hell!"

Brilliant sense of humor

"I knew that old age was a bad thing. But what would be so bad, I did not know."

("Slaughterhouse Five, or Children's Crusade")

When you reread Kurt, you cannot help but lament over your own inability to joke just as well and sharply.


Understanding how difficult it is to be an introvert

"- It's a small world.

– Especially here at the cemetery "

("Cradle for the Cat")

Introverts are having a hard time today. It's nice to know that Kurt shares and understands these feelings.

The desire to spur and motivate people

"Do not be afraid to strain your brains! They will not burst from this."

("Cradle for the Cat")

Vonnegut’s cynicism does not prevent him from recognizing the importance of motivation and remaining, at heart, a positively minded person.

The tendency to see the good and bright sides in everything

"And although people are stupid and cruel, look what a wonderful day today …"

("Cradle for the Cat")

Of course, it is very important to see the rays of the sun even on the darkest and darkest days. That is what Vonnegut teaches us.


Ability to establish causal and logical relationships

“After thinking, I see another simple moral of this story: if you are dead – you are dead”

("Mother of Darkness")

Reliably listen to the wisdom of Kurt and take it into service.

Awareness of the secrets of life

"Life is divided into phases. They are very different from each other, and you must understand what is required of you in each phase. This is the secret to a successful life."

("Mother of Darkness")

Kurt's books are recommendations for solving almost any problem. Here, we learn to correctly divide life into phases and not grieve over the time lost.

Steady and inspiring mood

““ Where are we going? ”Constant asked.

“To paradise,” Stony answered.

– And what is there in paradise? Asked Constant.

“Everyone is happy there forever and ever.”

("Sirens of the Titan")


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