Why we love Joaquin Phoenix

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Joaquin Phoenix is ​​one of the most modest, charming and deeply gifted actors in Hollywood. From time to time, he makes us empathize, cry, laugh, and sometimes spit in anger, watching the stories told by him of various heroes. The last film with his participation "Joker" proved the fantastic depth of Phoenix's talent. The actor turned 45, and we decided once again (because mentally we did all this more than once) to speculate for what we love him.

Firstly, he is very beautiful

A native of Puerto Rico, Joaquin Phoenix has a special southern appeal and, if not for an acting career, could become the most beautiful pirate in the Caribbean. Softness is intertwined with a certain brutality and even a certain frown in the features of the Phoenix, but his look, lively and warm, gives out an intelligent person in him who is inherent in kindness and heart impulses.

Secondly, he is a vegetarian and fights for animal rights.

From the age of 3, the Phoenix does not eat meat or anything that has animal origin. As a child, he and his brother threw a tantrum to his mother, seeing how the fishermen put the fish to death, because she did not tell them what a terrible price this food goes. Since then, the actor has been a fighter for animal rights, and eats fruits and vegetables that he grows in his own garden. And he prefers that close women call him a cat.

Joaquin is a sincere romantic. He found Rooney Maru in social networks, because he fell in love

After filming the movie "She" by Spike Jones, the actor found Rooney on the Internet, sent her a request and began to write. Shy, modest and well-mannered, he did not dare to directly declare the actress his intentions or to show romantic impulses, so that they simply corresponded for a while. But the film by Garth Davis "Mary Magdalene" brought both happiness. After working together, the actors ventured to admit each other in many ways, began to meet and, it seems, were preparing for the wedding. Therefore, for the film "She" we now love him even more.

After all, this story suggests that everything in life is not so hopeless.

For the fact that he himself came up with the most piercing scenes in the "Joker"

Almost intolerable, tearing to tears scene, where exhausted, heartbroken and heartache Arthur Fleck climbs into the refrigerator, was a pure improvisation of Joaquin Phoenix. A dance in the soul, looking at which you understand what irreversible processes are taking place inside the hero, was also an actor’s spontaneous idea.

For the fact that in any role he is an ordinary man, and this is his genius

Have you noticed how amazingly every Phoenix character looks like any of us? It is as if Joaquin purposely purifies his roles of "fairy tale", theatricality and heroic roles, each time presenting on the screen a living person torn by contradictions, fears and internal embarrassments. Vulnerability is something that Joaquin is not afraid of, showing us ourselves. What kind of darkness is not hidden in the mind of a person, what fears we do not torment it with – Phoenix easily and honestly takes it out of himself and transforms it into productive energy, gives us breathtaking and sincere images.

From the restless Freddie Quayle in The Master, the son of Marcus Aurelius in the Gladiator and the policeman Bobby Green, who was forced to make a terrible decision – to cooperate with the mafia or the law in the film "Masters of the Night" – to Theodore Twombly in "She", brought to the pen Professor Abe in Irrational Man and the Joker. Broken introverts, unsure neurotics, rowdy, alcoholics, depressed, cowardly and weak, the heroes of the Phoenix are not from the universe of cowboys and invaders of the world, but from the reality of living people.

He also runs luxuriously

It just needs to be seen. Joaquin seems to be running away from his internal problems, and, as it happens in life, it turns out that he is deliberately ridiculous, but desperate.

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