Why we love Bruce Willis

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March 19, "tough nut" of all times turned 65 years old! We tell why we love Bruce Willis, and gather a fan club of the most charming actor of the 1990s.

Willis's acting career began in Manhattan theaters back in the 1970s. Prior to that, he worked as a security guard for a nuclear power plant in New Jersey and as a bartender in New York. After several years of living in one of the most infernal areas of the metropolis, he decided to move to California. Charming and charming, Willis came to audition for the series "Detective Agency" Moonlight ". Among 3000 actors, he was chosen, his partner in the film, the magnificent Sybill Shepherd, who at the time of the preparation of the series had already quit her career as an actress and returned to the industry, played her part in this.

“Moonlight Detective Agency has become a hit. Willis received an Emmy Award, a Golden Globe for his role in the series, gaining a foothold in the minds of the viewer as an excellent cheerful guy who can give in his mouth and shine with his mind. Bruce played his first major role in 1987 in the romantic comedy Blind Date, and in 1988 was the first Die Hard to secure the status of action movie star for Willis.

For the fact that he saves everyone absolutely free

The on-screen image of Bruce Willis, especially the almost iconic policeman John McClain, gave the viewer the hero he believed. A character from large screens could suffer from a divorce, drink beer, swear on what the light is, but he did not even doubt his own readiness to come to the rescue of those offended and offended. John McClain fought the terrorists in a white shirt and looked super sexy. Apparently, the inner charm does not have to be supported by impressive muscles.

For the fact that he famously sings the blues

They somehow immediately approached each other. When Bruce on stage, smiling and looking with his signature squint, re-hits the hit of the 1950s Young Blood – this is a real pleasure for those whose childhood passed under action movies and adult life began with good music. What is noteworthy, in the United States, Willis was enthusiastic about music, but in the UK they received Bruce with open arms.

For his lively facial expressions

When you are a symbol of masculinity, and even in patriarchal America, it’s hard to spray on acting with all its subtleties. He raised his eyebrows to the wrinkles on his forehead – once, brought his cheekbones during the shooting from the machine – two, sincerely laughed – three. If we were talking about someone else, and not about Bruce Willis, we would consider that the above is extremely small for an actor of world magnitude. But he had enough and continues to miss so far. It’s even enviable.

For being angular but cute, he wore Gauthier costumes

The “fifth element” of Luc Besson can be reviewed endlessly. The highest-grossing European film of the 1990s, released in 1997, was shot so cool that it acquires a new sound over time, remaining a quality fantasy about love as a saving force. Willis in the tape did not go beyond the scope of his role as an action hero. But here, Besson demanded from Bruce, in addition to the silly and silent, also at least some dramatic note. And if after this phrase you immediately remembered the scene in which Korben Dallas breathes life into Leela in the ancient Egyptian pyramid, you understand what we are talking about. If not, just watch The Fifth Element.

For never losing heart

Maybe, of course, he is discouraged, but he does not lose faith in the second, third and some other chance there. In the second half of the 1990s, Willis's popularity rapidly waned. He played in films that stably failed at the box office. This continued until Armageddon by Michael Bay, in which Bruce played the role of a tough driller and an astronaut who sacrificed himself to save humanity. In 1998, this science fiction film became the highest grossing film in the world. Everything was really beautiful in it: Willis, Liv Tyler, Aerosmith soundtrack, caricatured Russian cosmonaut Lev Andropov … After “Armageddon”, Bruce received the conditional status of a “well-deserved Hollywood star”, which obliges not so much to cool roles as to young wives and other delights rich life.

For beautifully aging

At 63, Willis made his Broadway debut. He played in the play based on the novel by Stephen King. The actor has an active political position, supports the US military in hot spots. Rumor has it that he even wanted to join the army during the Iraq war, but he was not taken because of his age. Willis takes care of himself, looks great, experimenting with creativity, starring in music videos, video games. His work in films of recent years is imbued with humor and nostalgia for his youth in the same white T-shirt, in which it is so easy to save the world and be a sex symbol of a generation.

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