White shirt: Julia Fediv

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The heroine of “White Shirt” is a cultural project manager, head of a state fund that supported 432 projects in 2019: from feature films to publishing books, from inclusive performances to research.

By education, Julia, Ph.D. in Political Science, Lawyer and Specialist in International Relations, established the work of a state institution from scratch, before which she headed the National Bureau of the EU Creative Europe Program.

Culture is the whole blood-sucking system of suspension, according to the heartbeat, the shelter of human values, which is the basis of a healthy social life, the principle of your own neighbor, your identity, where you live, that’s the way you live. In fact, in ideal, the culture of living with people, formative language is special, develop creative potential for the analysis of a real middleware and a formulated life narrative.

If he seduced the Ukrainian Cultural Fund, it was less charged and the water hour cried out for the triumph of succession due to the incitement of new institutes, the mastery of great sovereign cats, the clutter of rush and good luck, there were many more results.

Efficiency is more than possible for you to understand the number of warehouse warehousings: SIM'ya – net, support, quiet harbor, de ti vidnovlyuєsh your soul. Aristotle wrote, scho "friend – only one soul in two bodies." My friend is just better than my friend, so he has no need for a stormy life. Shchodo vidpochinku, then I am a natural workaholic, that is why I see the difference – tezh vidpochinok. I can see the trivial roads, recognize the cultures and the people, go for walks in nature, sports.

Nadiha mіsііnіst my dіyalnostі, bachennya tsilі – іdealnnoy picture svіtu, – be infected with some kind of praznyush shodnya.

If Keruєš is a great team, to bring to another plane the power of impulsiveness, perfectionism and the bazhany of quick results. Look at me, a good kerivnik has a great deal of restraint, and smithereens, to give the skin member of the team the right rhythm, and if I have a good one, I have a positive dynamics of team work with the same high results.

My recipe is to fight with the best vigor: by meeting yourself and the internal through maximum visibility – like phenix is ​​self-indulgent. Mi nabagato is strong, now I want to hello, just demanding that I have a strong sense of spirit, as though not important.

Move the paradigm of citizenship and messianism to effective business models. Ukrainian culture can be better through the form of unity of thought, so that you can guide the newest functions of the new application to new principles.

So, the robot in the UKF has changed my mind. I have become a strong, less sensitive to criticism and with a greater second with those who are less people with principles and values ​​will be a strong power.

My life’s rules are quite simple: honesty, straightforwardness, goodwill, struggling with my own sums, long buty water time, weak and low, strong and unwholesome.

In my thought, the most powerful people are – butshy with garlic before oneself, before the Inshy. Naibіlsha weakness of people – splurge over the stream, breach and ignorance of the inferior.

I am satisfied with myself, if I may vidchuttya pretrimannogo words, vikonanogo zavdannya, vidchuttya, scho your words and vchidki vidpovіdayut your living principles and values. "Plato is my friend, Ale Istina Dorochka."

Since it’s important for me to express myself without an institute, I will curse it. I lay down to this type of people, a kind of drowning in those who deal with. As a matter of fact, I think of thinking more and more, it’s bad to be nominated for a message, I’m trying to change my name. I don’t be amazed at the prospect of offensive rockies, but I’ll soon rely on Zim for some reason, and soon my contract will end. I think I’m going to screw it up, I’m thinking about Tim, I’ll give you robots. I’ve got an hour on the road and re-entry. And leave all your strength to go to those people who have funded the foundation, becoming sovereign, but not to be bored, they didn’t pour it on anyone, because they’ve been thrilled.

For three rockies in the sovereign sector, I’ve been able to finish the robot’s operation in new. Hotilos b ruhatisya dalі. As if I had three trophies, I could tell myself after ten times, then I tried to force the professional ministry, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, or the Cabinet of Ministers. For now, the sphere, the form of sovereign politics.

I do not like zgaduvati minule. Vlasniy svіt svіt – bіlsh dієviy, if you want to be more active. In my heart, I often see a picture, like I’m standing on my high temple, I’m strong in winter, all I can see is at the seventeenth hour, below is a storm, there’s a sea of ​​praise. Yak in the picture of Caspar Fredrikha. If the interior is experiencing the storm, it will be cleansed. Peremagє zhaga zhitya, tsikav_st – but what will be the future.

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