What's Inside: You Can Rent A Harry Potter House On Airbnb

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All fans of the adventures of the "boy who survived", is dedicated. Airbnb's rental service offers you to rent a house in Godric's Hollow, where Harry Potter, Lily and James lived before they were killed.

Of course, in real life, the house is located in the village of Lavenham in the English county of Suffolk. It was here that the episodes of the saga of the young wizard were filmed.

House De Vere was previously a five-star hotel with the highest gold award in quality. The house has 2 rooms with four-poster beds, with private bathrooms, a living room with fireplace and a courtyard garden.

The cost of renting a 1-room apartment is € 175 per day.

The price included a full English breakfast.



Lavenham is Britain's most famous medieval village and has more than 300 protected heritage sites. Also in the city there is an art gallery, restaurants, a medieval church, craft and antique shops, museums and tennis courts.

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