What's inside: The mansion from the Downton Abbey series in which Winston Churchill lived

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In the UK, the 18th century house where Winston Churchill lived was restored. The 2600 square meter mansion is located in southwest London, in the suburb of Rampton.

The first Irish aristocrat settled in this house in 1786 and named it in honor of his wife Elizabeth Templeton. The territory has a rich history: the house served as a hospital during two wars, a dormitory for students of Rampton University, and recently became the site for the filming of the series “Downton Abbey”. After all the events, the house was restored for 10 years and invested $ 40 million in the restoration.

The new owner of the house, David Rich-Jones, who acquired the estate in 2010, says that the main task of the restoration was to preserve the old look of the house.

“There was a lot of plaster and architectural details, but none of them was in good condition. We spent many years rebuilding it, ”says Rich-Jones with his wife, Laura.

Experts who were attracted to the restoration work, for one and a half years, investigated the history of the house, the original layout and appearance. At first they began to rebuild the exterior: the verandas of the 1950s built metal structures and copper, and made a duck pond in the garden and planted cedar trees, as in Churchill's time.

Focusing on architectural details, the team processed a 400-year-old parquet and gave it a vintage look, a third of the windows (there are 137 in them) were restored in the style of the 1780s. In cooperation with specialists in architectural equipment, it was possible to restore 1,100 parts of the 18th century: locks, door handles and window frames.

The design team has restored Winston Churchill's living room. There is a marble fireplace in the room with large windows, a table from the beginning of the 19th century, and a portrait of Lady Templeton.

A library with a fireplace and oak panels were used for the filming of “Downton Abbey,” where the original letter of Churchill's wife, Clementine, was preserved.



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