What's inside: The mansion from "Gone With the Wind" put up for auction

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The house that served as the main location for the film “Gone With the Wind” was put up for auction. The starting price is $ 1 million.

According to the writer Margaret Mitchell, the mansion was the most suitable place to describe the Tara plantation, this is where the family of the main character lived. After filming in 1939, the house fell into disrepair, but in 2017 the new owners spent $ 2 million on the restoration and are now putting up an updated house for auction. They managed to preserve the old spirit of construction and add modern amenities to it.

The mansion with a luxurious living room and a large dining room has 12 bedrooms and 13 bathrooms, as well as 12 fireplaces and 3 laundries. The main room has a library equipped with wooden bookcases and a large fireplace. The new owners were able to “reanimate” the house, adhering to the atmosphere of the film, which takes place in 1861. So the mansion has preserved antique lighting, high ceilings, windows and furniture. After the restoration, a new kitchen, fire-fighting system, intercom and new baths appeared in the mansion, which cost $ 14,000 each.

There are all conditions for rest near the 10,000 square foot house: an open roof, a swimming pool with a historic pergola, several covered verandas, a large deck and more than three acres of garden. There is also a four-carriage house with Tesla and Copper Creek charging stations.

In addition to “Gone With the Wind”, the crew of the films “Vampire Diaries”, “Halloween-2” and others visited it. The owners decided to start a new project and put up a villa for sale. The starting price is $ 1 million, bidding will be held until July 25. Part of the furniture will be sold separately.



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