What's Inside: San Francisco Cultural Center Design by Ukrainian Balbek Bureau

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The Ukrainian architectural bureau Balbek Bureau designed the cultural center, which opened in the building of the former Roman Catholic church in San Francisco. It is reported by the online edition of Arch Daily.

The historic building of Our Lady of Guadalupe Church dates from the 1880th year of construction and has served as a temple for parishioners for 40 years. In the 1950s, due to the mass migration of city residents, the temple became less popular, and in the early 90s it was completely closed. For the past 20 years, the basement of the church has been used for work offices and has been given over to school classes.

The reconstruction of the architectural complex began in 2016. The 3-storey building at the church had to be converted into living quarters, the central one into a modern event hall (where lectures, seminars, presentations, exhibitions, etc.) and an educational center for young people would be held. As planned, the complex will serve as a platform for startup teams that can live, work, create new projects and relax in one space.

They decided not to touch the interior of the church, leaving murals on the ceiling and thematic stained-glass windows on the windows. But in the altar part they installed an 11-meter arch-shaped screen, and turned the side niches into mini-lounge areas with cozy sofas and designer chairs.

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