What's Inside: James Bond Movie Apartment on the Water

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Sometimes a single movie viewing can inspire new projects that will become a goal for the next 15 years of life. That is how the picture “The Spy Who Loved Me” awakened the idea of ​​building an autonomous water complex called Anthenea in the French architect Jean-Michel Ducansel.

“I was thrilled with the story of this man who throws everything to live under the sea and builds an octopus-shaped space that is in contact with the flora and fauna of the ocean,” recalls the story of James Bond Ducansel.

The creation of the architect, made of fiberglass, has a glass bottom that opens up a view of the underwater world. The design is adapted to any body of water and climate, and, depending on the location, can withstand the cyclone.

Jean-Michel has been working on the project for 15 years, Anthenea is the fifth, improved attempt by Ducansel. Solar panels cover the entire surface of the dome, inside the structure accommodates 3 rooms, a sofa, a minibar, furniture, and on the roof there is a special relaxation area with a solarium for 12 people. Everything inside the capsule is made entirely of environmentally friendly materials.

Ecological design can be purchased for $ 480,000.



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