What's inside: Donatella Versace's new home on an island in Italy

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Donatella Versace became the owner of a 4-storey mansion La Verbanella with an area of ​​15,000 square feet, worth $ 5.6 million. It has 50 rooms, 20 of which are bedrooms. The house has access to Lake Maggiore, which is located on the border of Italy and Switzerland, also on the territory of the mansion there is a garden, several balconies, a pool and a pond.

The house was first acquired in 1920 by the Mondadori family, who founded one of Italy's largest publishing companies. The villa has been visited by many famous guests, including Walt Disney. The owner of the house asked all famous visitors to leave an autograph on the wall above the fireplace.

The Versace family loves beautiful villas that are famous for their luxurious design and architecture. Donatella's brother Versace Gianni was the owner of the legendary South Beach mansion, which he furnished with antique furniture, handmade statues and mosaic patterns. And until 2008, the family owned a villa on the shores of Lake Como, which they sold for almost $ 40 million.



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