What's inside: Bruce Willis sells a house for $ 27 million

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Bruce Willis and his wife Emma Hemming-Willis are selling a huge complex located on the Turks and Kayox Islands in the Caribbean. The mansion became one of the most expensive on the island, after Oliver Bay for $ 27.5 million, located next door, which was sold in 2016.

The complex consists of 5 main houses, a yoga pavilion and 2 guest buildings with 3 bedrooms each. The main house covers about 5,000 square feet and has a layout that connects it to an open courtyard, while the living room overlooks the terrace and palm trees. The buildings have panoramic glass windows that provide access to the backyard and the swimming pool.

The entire upper floor covers a large private balcony, and in 2 rooms there are separate verandas. Mansion sell for $ 27 million.

Bruce Willis family spent in the mansion for about 20 years. The actor bought land on the island in 2000, in 2009, the couple got married, and this year celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary there.



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