What's Inside: Anne Hathaway's Heroine Apartment from Contemporary Love

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Amazon Prime's Contemporary Love series is based on the New York Times column of the same name, where readers share their love stories.

Actress Anne Hathaway in a episode of the series plays a girl with bipolar disorder. Her periods of euphoria give way to deep depression when she cannot get out of bed.

Character Anne Hathaway lives in an apartment with Gothic architecture in the Nolita area in New York.

The apartments turned out to be not a props built specifically for filming, but a real residential apartment. The company that owns real estate recently put it up for sale for $ 3.5 million.

The apartment occupies a 5-storey building, has 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. The house in which the apartments are located was originally a school with unique architectural details: decorated with carved stone, terracotta and pressed Philadelphia brick. In 1972, the house was converted into a living room and became one of New York's historic sites. The 1800-square-foot residence has 14 windows that overlook the garden of St. Patrick’s Cathedral, 11-foot ceilings, a marble fireplace, a 300-year-old antique pine floor and a home office corner.



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