What's Inside: A whale watching center to be built in Norway

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The Danish architecture company Dorte Mandrup, based in Copenhagen, presented a design for an unusual building called The Whale, whose design resembles the shape of a whale. The main goal of the building is not only to observe the life of whales, but also to organize events aimed at raising awareness of the life of marine mammals.

“Here, on the ocean, in a magnificent landscape, we will build our building. Such a construction is a huge responsibility that motivates and inspires, "said the founder and creative director of the company Dorte Mandrup.

The center will be built on the coast of the Arctic Ocean, near the city of Andenes. Whales can be observed from the roof of the building, which will be initially covered with stones, and in the future, according to the creators' idea, it will be covered with moss, which will perfectly harmonize with the surrounding landscape. Also, marine animals can be observed from the inside, where a 4,500-meter open aquarium will be equipped in which guests of the center will be able to see animals in their natural environment.

The opening of the center is planned in 2022.



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