What's inside: A new Bauhaus museum opened in Germany

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In the German city of Dessau, the Bauhaus Museum was opened. It became the 3rd museum in the world dedicated to this architectural direction, after Tel Aviv and Weimar. The opening of the museum is timed to the 100th anniversary of the Higher School of Construction and Art Design. The opening ceremony was attended by Claudia Perren, Director of the Daugaus Bauhaus Foundation, Anhalt Rainer Hazeloff, Prime Minister of Saxony, and Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany. Claudia Perrin said that the new museum will become not only a place for the presentation of world-famous collections, but also a cultural place for the city of Dessau-Rosslau and the state of Saxony.

The author of the new museum was the architect from Barcelona Roberto Gonzalez. € 25 million was spent on the project, and the construction continued for 2 years. The museum building with an area of ​​3,500 meters consists of 2 floors and accommodates 49 thousand exhibits. Now the museum has about a thousand exhibits, among them: furniture, as well as sketches of works by students of the Bauhaus school and the work of great masters – Kandinsky and Gropius. In April, it is also planned to open another museum in honor of the Bauhaus in Weimar.



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