What to give yourself beloved for Valentine's Day

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We sincerely believe that in fact February 14th is just another day. The fact that it is marked by massive pink eruptions and pathetic confessions into the atmosphere is the result of the brilliant work of American marketers, to whom we admit we are ready to take off our hats. But thanks to them, we got one more reason to celebrate, dance, have fun and delight each other, and first of all – ourselves.

My beloved wants to buy only the most necessary, practical and correct. Here are a few options that we ourselves would like to replenish our collection of irreplaceable and stylish things.

High-tech robot vacuum cleaner ECOVACS Deebot Ozmo 900

The trend for robotic vacuum cleaners came a few years ago and is gradually gaining momentum. Rumors about their unimaginable functionality are transmitted by the mistresses by word of mouth. Indeed, why spend a few free hours that remain after the hall, work, leisure and time in the family circle for cleaning?

Therefore, the first option is a gadget, and this is a multifunctional vacuum cleaner. ECOVACS Deebot Ozmo 900 scans the space, builds and stores a map of the room, paves the most optimal route. In the Ecovacs Home application on the map, you can enter borders that you can’t go over, or mark priority areas and rooms in which you would like to clean. With the same application, you can turn on the vacuum cleaner, wherever you are, setting the mode and time of cleaning. The vacuum cleaner will begin to clean in your absence.

Another useful integrated ECOVACS Deebot Ozmo 900 technology is Ozmo wet cleaning, which, thanks to special sensors, distributes water throughout the microfiber systemically and evenly so that there are no puddles and streaks.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner ECOVACS Deebot Slim 2

Unlike the previous model, this vacuum cleaner is more affordable and suitable for those who are not sure if it is ready to entrust the “favorite” cleaning to someone else. The height of its body is 5.7 cm, so it passes under the furniture without obstacles. Equipped with an anti-collision sensor, anti-drop sensor and a high-performance air filter. It works in 3 modes: Auto (automatic mode for general floor cleaning), Edge (mode of operation around the edge of the room), Spot (mode for intensive spot cleaning). At the end of each cleaning, he goes to charge himself. In addition to dry cleaning, ECOVACS Deebot Slim 2 can also do wet thanks to the complete microfiber.

Smart face mask Foreo Ufo

Smart face mask FOREO UFO

If home gadgets are too complicated a story for you, you can choose another practical gadget, only for a daily beauty routine. UFO – an unusual gadget for skin care, which combines advanced technology and exclusive formulas of Korean fabric masks. The device works due to light therapy, sound pulsations, Hyper-Infusion technology, as well as modes of heating and cooling the skin. This combination promotes deeper penetration of the components of the masks, moisturizes well, relieves puffiness and has an anti-aging effect in just 90 seconds.

SOVA jewelry

Smart technologies will be diluted with classics – decorations. As followers of informed consumption, we believe that there should not be a lot of jewelry, but each of them can have a special meaning. Therefore, we included in the selection of gifts several products with an infinity symbol from the second joint collection of the jewelry brand SOVA and Frolov. Part of the proceeds from the sales will be directed to the 100% LIFE fund. Some of the jewelry is transformers: rings become pendants, pendants become earrings. The collection again presents the image of the heart – a symbol of the Frolov brand, but this time it is voluminous.

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