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Happy birthday to all of us! Unrivaled Leonardo DiCaprio celebrates his birthday on November 11th. After a series of sensational films, the actor disappeared for several years, focusing on charity work. But in 2019, Leo triumphantly returned – “Once in Hollywood” Quentin Tarantino proved that the star is also a star in Africa, even if it does not save local elephants and rhinos.

Spit on conventions

If the Titanic survived in the North Atlantic, it would still be flooded with an ocean of tears shed by women around the world when watching the 1997 film of the same name. The love story of an impoverished aristocrat and a tramp performed by Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio has become a modern classic, an inexhaustible source of parodies and inheritances. And the scene where the hero Leo teaches his beloved to spit on the whole world from the height of the ship is the manifesto of freedom of generation Y!

Beautifully drink champagne

In 2012, the eponymous adaptation of the novel by Francis Scott Fitzgerald “The Great Gatsby” was released on the big screens. Leonardo DiCaprio played one of the main roles in the film – the mysterious rich man suffering from unrequited love, in fact, Jay Gatsby himself. While the plot of the film revolved around numerous love triangles, the audience was delighted by the stunning scenes of luxurious life – jazz bands, hoppy ladies in shiny dresses of a risky short length and, of course, a sea of ​​sparkling. And if the text of a classic of American literature could be forgotten, then the scene where Leo raises his glass with a sweet smile has already gone down forever in the history of memes.

To waste money

Almost every shot from “The Wolf of Wall Street” by Martin Scorsese made me say: Leo is handsome! The actor got the image of the cutest playboy who litter money, twists novels with models and abuses a wide variety of narcotic substances. The reincarnation was a success. DiCaprio received for the role of Jordan Belfort “Golden Globe” and several other prestigious awards and awards. What is noteworthy, the actor himself also likes to boo. A million-dollar piece of contemporary art, a luxurious mansion, or an entire island in the Caribbean – why not?

Survive and bide

A recognized handsome and beloved of women, one of the highest paid Hollywood actors, a star of the first echelon – for many years DiCaprio waited for perhaps the most important film award – “Oscar”. Leo has been nominated and rolled so many times that it has become somehow indecent to joke about this. But in 2016, the incredible happened: for the main role in the film Alejandro Iñarritu “Survivor,” DiCaprio received the coveted figurine. And although the tape was not released for the mass audience, the excess of bloody scenes clearly scared off the army of fans of the actor, the skill turned out to be appreciated.

Do charity work

No jokes, but Leonardo DiCaprio has long been associated with the whole civilized world not with love for top models, but with a serious contribution to the noble cause of protecting nature and indigenous peoples. In 1998, the actor founded his own foundation. The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation gives millions of grants for special projects and conducts an information campaign that the planet needs not only to be protected, but actively saved.

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