What a millennial must be able to survive in the modern world

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The generation born between 1980 and 2000 is the engine of the modern world. They rely on the economy and the entertainment industry. But is it so easy to be born and form at the turn of the eras? We list the skills that will brighten up the difficult fate of the millennials.

Be independent

Millennials differ from other generations of mankind in a specific relationship to the family. If most of them are comfortable with their parents, then they are not in a hurry to build relationships and have children. According to the American company Goldman Sachs Global Investment Research, in the 1970s, marriage in the United States entered into an average of 23 years, and in the 2010s they are waiting up to 30 years. But even more interestingly, almost 30% of millennials prefer to live with their parents! This generation, of course, is famous for its frugality and rationality, but not to the same extent …

Independence and independence, leaving the comfort zone increase the chance of stability before the ups and downs of life. Of course, it's cool when you can complain to your mother in the kitchen in the evening after a hard day, but it’s even cooler to come up with a way out of the situation yourself, making sure of your own maturity and wealth.

Protect health

When your childhood passes on television news about endless terrorist attacks, wars and economic crises, most likely you will grow up to be a person with a high risk of developing depression and a serious set of phobias and neuroses. Hence, the millennials have a list of predispositions to diseases that are significantly “younger”, such as diabetes or hypertension. On the other hand, this generation is considered one of the most conscious in matters of health. Therefore, if you run every day, do yoga or control food, do not stop there. And absorb less information, arrange days of silence from social networks. Do not forget that you no longer need to build communism, as once your parents did, so take the time not only to work, but also to relax.

Accept your uniqueness

When Woodstock made a noise and the sexual revolution took place, the millennials were not yet born. They also vaguely remember the collapsed Berlin Wall, but they got a tech world that is changing very quickly. Millennials find themselves in a situation where everything old is in doubt, and the new must be created by them. This is difficult and impossible without realizing one's own uniqueness. How to work on this? Do not look back at the past, build up your own experience and do not be ashamed of the decisions made. And even at least occasionally get rid of hypersensitivity to even the most simple or everyday issues.

Defend financial interests

Millennials were brought up by people who did not have sex and money. Perhaps these are the two most uncomfortable topics for Soviet and post-Soviet people. And if millennials somehow sorted it out, which was facilitated by an unwillingness to have children early, then money is more complicated. Despite a better education, millennials earn 20% fewer boomers, generations born between 1964 and 1984. They succumb to the zooms in their fear of losing status, although they practice the principle of “quitting everything and leaving to live in India.” Therefore, if it’s difficult for you to get a big salary or take a debt, remember that talent must be profitable, otherwise you will quickly exhaust yourself.

Take beautiful photos on Instagram

If you have already left mom and dad, recently passed a general blood test, knocked out a cool fee, then it's time to learn how to make beautiful photos for fashionable social networks. Millennials, as we have already found out, are able to take care of themselves. They willingly spend money on high-quality brands of clothing and cosmetics, while using all the benefits of the “common economy”: they rent cars and housing, travel freely without intermediaries. So why not share these skills with other people! Millennials need praise, they flourish from it and are convinced that they are doing everything right. Therefore, add more beauty and narcissism to Instagram, abandoning unconstructive Facebook disputes.

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