Walter Chandoha: A photographer who has devoted 70 years to the art of photographing cats

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New York photographer Walter Chandoha devoted 70 years of his life to photographing cats. In his creative arsenal, there are about 225,000 photographs, 90,000 of which are photographs of cats. All these works were placed on 296 pages of the book “Walter Chandoha. Cats Photos 1942-2018. ”

Walter Chandoha was born in 1920 in New Jersey. Craving for the art of photography he appeared from childhood. Walter says that he read every book with pictures. And soon, having mastered the technique of the camera, he tried to reproduce what he saw. After the outbreak of World War II, he went to serve as a photographer in the media, and then worked in the Pacific Ocean.

A homeless gray cat found on New York Street prompted him to photograph his pets. Chandokha, sheltered an animal, called her Luco. She became his first model, and by the mid-1950s, Walter became the most popular pet photographer according to the Times magazine.
Since then, Walter Chandoha’s pictures have been featured in various magazines, exhibitions, posters and advertising campaigns.

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