Tina Kunaki's Style: How to Dress Model and Vincent Cassel's Wife

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About model Tina Kunaki actively talked in 2015, after the beginning of her romance with the French actor Vincent Cassel. Tina is 30 years younger than Kassel, and for her sake he divorced Monica Bellucci.

Tina began her career at the age of 15 in Madrid and became in demand in the fashion industry due to her unusual appearance, magnificent hair and a good figure. By descent, Kunaki is half Italian (by mother) and half French (her father is from Morocco, but has lived all his life in France). Kunaki became the ambassador of Dior and Louis Vuitton and often appears in the clothing of these brands.

Even after meeting Kassel, her style has not changed much. The model is a fan of laconic simplicity in the wardrobe. She doesn’t mix prints, rarely puts on jewelry (except pearl strands or diamond necklaces on red carpet) and sneakers. In her wardrobe there are many colored things, sunglasses and high-heeled shoes. For formal events, she prefers black floor-length dresses or feather mini dresses by Emporio Armani. Tina also rarely mixes brands and wears total bows from Balmain, Jacquemus, Lacoste.

For Tina's hairstyles and perfect natural curls, her favorite French stylist Harold James is most often responsible.

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