The most beautiful woman on the planet: 27 photos of Angelina Jolie

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You can love Angelina Jolie for a lot. The actress, director, philanthropist, UN Goodwill Ambassador, a man with a big heart and moral principles, a mother of seven children and one of the most beautiful women on the planet.

In addition to the obvious advantages, Angelina has also had an eccentric character, inspired ideas and views of the world from a very young age. In childhood, the future star dreamed of opening her own funeral home, was known as a sociopath, and even visited a psychotherapist. In her youth, she studied at the film school of the cult American director Lee Strasberg and at the Beverly Hills High School. As a teenager, Angie worked as a model traveling around America and England. The career of this direction for her did not turn out to be stable, which caused a strong psycho-emotional disorder, and perhaps this experienced shock later allowed the adult actress Jolie to play supermodel Gia Maria Karanji in the movie “Gia” so heartfelt and talented. Throughout her youth, Angelina shocked loved ones and friends with attempts to commit suicide, violent antics and an extremely relaxed way of life, which, again, subsequently had a beneficial effect on her role as an insane psychiatric hospital patient in the movie “Interrupted Life” – this role and brought jolie a confession. Glamorous, stately and noble, Angelina nevertheless carries in her heart a burning flame, clearly acutely residing the very ghostly boundary between life and death, the love and pain of this world. At the same time one of the cult actresses of our time is truly productive – Jolie has performed a huge number of the most diverse, contrasting roles. The luxurious beauty with a gloomy and tender soul turned 44 years old, and we consider some of her most beautiful photos taken at different periods of life.

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