"The former weight has already returned": Victoria Lopyreva published a photo in a bathing suit 2 weeks after giving birth

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Just a couple of weeks ago, Victoria Lopyreva first became a mother, and the day before, surprisingly followers, had already shared a snapshot in a bathing suit in her microblog. The figure of the beauty looks almost more slender than before pregnancy.

“Tomorrow our boy is two weeks, only two, and we no longer imagine how we lived without him. It's time to take on yourself. Former weight has returned) time to gradually return to an active lifestyle and sports) Tell me, who came in shape like? Diets / trainings / procedures ”, – so signed Lopyreva's photo (spelling and punctuation of the authors are hereinafter preserved, – ed.).

Posted by Victoria Lopyreva (@lopyrevavika) Feb 18, 2019 at 2:13 am PST

“Victoria, you are awesome. After such photos, I myself wanted to become pregnant and not to be afraid of childbirth even after the birth period. Health to you and Baby! ”,“ She eats air ?? ”,“ You don’t need advice at all, better give it to us !!! How is it possible to have such a cool shape 2 weeks after giving birth ??? ”,“ You look great ”,“ Well, how is that? !!! Only gave birth – and the figure is great! How do they do it? tell me the secrets! ”admire Victoria admire.

More about the pregnancy model and the love story of Victoria Lopyreva and Igor Bulatov can be read here.

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Text: Maria Melnikova

Photos and videos: Instagram

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