The beauty of imperfection: How Peter Lindbergh changed fashion photography

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Peter Lindberg revolutionized and changed fashion photography. At a time when magazines were filled with laced pictures of ideal fashion models that looked more like smart dolls, he consciously threw aside the canons of perfection and made women free, while revealing their true beauty. In the lens of Lindberg, the magnificent Christy Turlington, Linda Evangelista, Naomi Campbell, Helena Christensen and Cindy Crawford appeared – and not made up to a glossy shine, but alive, natural and radiating self-confidence. It was the pictures of Lindberg that were designated as the rise of supermodels of the 90s.

Portraits of Kate Moss by Lindbergh became iconic and generally the best pictures of the famous model and in many respects influenced the development of her career. Lindberg appreciated the true feminine beauty, with small inaccuracies and roughnesses, and he considered all this to be blasphemous. Once he shot a model Lara Stone with a red nose and unwashed hair and defended the publication of the picture in gloss.

Such depth and exciting magic, which is inherent in the shots of movie stars and scenes made by Peter, simply can not be found. The photographer sincerely believed that the most beautiful is direct life and all its manifestations, whether it is a slightly swollen cheek or chapped lips.

Lindbergh's unchanging love for the work of Van Gogh and the music of the composer John Cage – people who also at one time crossed the line of “permissible” and generally accepted in art. Show not decorative, but lively, natural beauty. He shot portraits so that wrinkles were visible on the skin of his models, bruises and even circles under his eyes – and yet people in his lens attracted with incredible force. Lindberg worked with the deep magnetism of human nature and became famous for many decades, both in life and after.

In his youth, Lindbergh led a lifestyle similar to that of Van Gogh: he worked on a farm in Arles, painted in the evenings. The illustrious genius slept in the streets and wandered around the city's backyards, where he comprehended the real beauty of life, unapplied and unaddressed – hence the amazing honesty in the pictures of the master.

Along with painting and music, Lindbergh was always fascinated by cinema – he dreamed of it and subordinated all his works to a special cinematic atmosphere, and also shot clips and commercials with supermodels in the lead roles. Lindbergh's favorite theme was the fantasy of the cosmic future and aliens, the master was inspired by sci-fi films of the 50-60s and loved to style the shooting for him.

A sincere love for cinema and respect for artists (and especially women) prompted Lindbergh to remove the future Hollywood stars for the Pirelli calendar in a different way than before: not naked and vulgarly luxurious, but natural, open and honest. Many perceived the calendar ambiguously, but in 2017, Pirelli asked the great genius to shoot again – again the actress, and again the manifesto of naturalness. But no longer rush the public, accustomed to polished models, but the delight and endless praise of the talent of the master. And the point is not only the glorification of Lindbergh or the unusual nature of his approach, but the authentic luxury that he reveals in his works, entering into creative, friendly, and soulful relations with his models. The women in the pictures of Lindberg are open and mysterious, internally courageous and charming, and through the external, thanks to the talent of the master, the beauty of the internal is visible. The work of the great genius we will all be inspired for more than one decade.

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