Tea sommelier Konstantin Prabar-Kanahan talks about the modern art of tea drinking

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Tea sommelier, founder of the philosophy of modern tea drinking, founder of the Chaism brand Konstantin Prebar-Kanahen told about what really high-quality organic tea is, why we need designer dishes, and also gave comprehensive information about the limitless possibilities of this drink in modern life and However, the correct perception of the world and yourself – relax and enjoy!

For several tens of centuries, good tea remains the No. 2 drink after water, and for a number of reasons. Home – his amazing gift to ensure vitality, the most important and indispensable value for each person. In order to preserve this value and the opportunity to enjoy a rich life, we have to solve five fundamental problems: lack of clarity, relaxation, health, communication and beauty.

We often confuse tone with tension, relaxation – with dullness. And in this confusion, we forget how beautiful the clarity of mind is and the true relaxation of the physical body. But these sensations are the most natural and open access to the inexhaustible source of energy that forms and fills each of us. This source of powerful force remains inaccessible, because our mind is clouded with a continuous stream of thinking, and the body is in a state of permanent tension. By bringing the mind to a state of clarity, and the body to a state of relaxation, by chance or by exerting effort, we experience the wonderful feeling that each of us associates with happiness. It gives us strength and allows us to achieve the most incredible goals. Clarity and relaxation are the natural state of every person. We are increasingly turning to primitive and one-sided methods of temporary solution of the first two problems, which are proposed by two intensively developing industries. With the help of coffee we experience clarity of mind and at the same time experience strong physical tension. With the help of alcohol – we seek relaxation in the body, but at the same time we fall into a state of stupidity.

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The third problem is the lack of health. It exists mainly because a person has forgotten how to hear himself and mistakenly tries to solve the first two problems, abusing coffee, alcohol and food solely for the sake of taste, forgetting about the main purpose of food: giving the body more than it spends on their absorption. A person’s lack of dialogue with himself, mental (as well as physical) tension make it impossible to hear and understand oneself and, on the basis of this, correctly build communication with others.

The inability to hear and listen, see and realize forms the fourth problem, which today is solved with the help of another intensively developing industry – the Internet in general and social networks in particular. You can escape from inner emptiness or tension and experience short-term fullness and relaxation, communicating with the world and with yourself through social networks, but this does not help to hear and understand yourself. Moreover, it further alienates from the experience of simple human happiness, which emerges from open communication between people.

The fifth problem is the lack of beauty in the life of a modern person, which is a prerequisite for the desired feeling of fullness and satisfaction. We live on the level of concepts and emotions that form trends, fashion trends, ideas about beauty. In addition, each of us in one way or another is experiencing dissatisfaction and inner emptiness. Most modern people have an erroneous idea of ​​beauty. Chaism has its own definition of this word: “Beauty is the ability to see details in detail.” The question is quite logical: what does it mean to see? To see is to pay attention or be aware of sensations here and now. Due to the sensual ability of the eye to consider the variety of details in forms; use the maximum sense of smell to catch countless notes of aromas; using the language to distinguish the finest flavors; allow the body to enjoy the tactile sensations, the texture of life; with the help of hearing comprehend the versatility of sounds even in silence. And if one of these sensual abilities is not developed, it can be developed. The question is in value and need.

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All objects of five sensual abilities will appear in our life along with good tea, which, on the one hand, can be a daily drink and a tool for contemplating beauty, and on the other hand, solves four of the five fundamental problems without causing addiction and side effects. But the most important thing is that it helps humanity to preserve and develop its greatest value – vitality! For many centuries, in China and Japan, good tea is an indispensable attribute of the day and a cure for all diseases.

What then can be called good tea? Camellia sinensis tea leaf, grown organically in unique terroirs, hand-assembled, transformed according to ancient technologies, packed in vacuum or nitrogen, cooked in water of the right temperature, in authentic dishes using the right tools, selected in accordance with the six basic human needs. And most importantly – the shelf life of good tea (with the exception of puerh) is no more than 12 months from the moment of harvest.

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