Women’s jumpsuits for the spring-summer season

Spring and summer temperature regimes dictate certain rules of behavior to us. A sure plus on the street gives us the opportunity to be more outdoors, go out of town on vacation with friends, swim in open water and sunbathe. According to our activities and a more active lifestyle, we should also pick up things from the wardrobe. The spring-summer […]

Fashionable women’s shoes with stiletto heels

Every woman, explicitly or subconsciously, wants to wear stiletto heels. No matter how old she is, no matter what social and material position she has, professional purpose – a woman lives with a dream about this shoe. A hairpin is an image, an association in the head of the opposite sex, true femininity and beauty. Believe me, no man, when […]

Women’s blouses – fashion for all ages

Few of us have not heard of the name Coco Chanel. Indeed, it was with her active participation that such a huge breakthrough in the fashion world was made, which led to a complete change in the female image. Her famous little woman’s dress, masculine style of dress, tweed jacket and tan fashion would be ample reason to remember her […]

Brand women’s sneakers

Many, instead of the usual running to the shops and for public transport, chose morning jogging to the sound of pleasant music or an hour-long workout in the gym under the strict guidance of an instructor. And after some time, our style of thinking, lifestyle has completely changed, the world has sparkled with new colors and emotions. But our zeal […]

Camouflage in women’s fashion is stylish and sexy!

Military-style clothing is always relevant. They do not write articles about her in fashion magazines, she does not shine every season on the catwalks of famous designers, but she can be found in the wardrobe of almost any fashionista. Such clothes can be glamorous and stylish, and no less than dresses of other styles from the latest collections. The secret […]