What's Inside: Juliet's Verona House Can Be Hired On Airbnb

22nd January 2020

SHARE On the eve of St. Valentine's Day, the Airbnb rental service offers lovers to rent Juliet's house in Verona. The special offer will be valid only one night, February 14, and such an opportunity will fall to the lucky ones who win the competition. In order to take part in the competition, you need […]

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What's Inside: San Francisco Cultural Center Design by Ukrainian Balbek Bureau

9th January 2020

SHARE The Ukrainian architectural bureau Balbek Bureau designed the cultural center, which opened in the building of the former Roman Catholic church in San Francisco. It is reported by the online edition of Arch Daily. The historic building of Our Lady of Guadalupe Church dates from the 1880th year of construction and has served as […]

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What's inside: Projects of houses created based on the logos of adidas, Renault, Mitsubishi and Chevrolet

18th December 2019

SHARE Polish architect Karina Wichak developed a series of unusual houses, and the girl drew inspiration from the logos of famous brands: adidas, Renault, Mitsubishi and Chevrolet. The project consists of only 4 buildings, which have their own name and the shape of the corresponding logo. Trihouse (adidas), for example, is built of 3 concrete […]

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What's Inside: In Mexico, built a house using a 3D printer

16th December 2019

SHARE In one of the poorer areas of Tabasco, Mexico, 2 houses were built using a 3D printer. The development of buildings was the responsibility of the American non-profit organization New Story, as well as Icon i Échale. The companies plan to build about 50 more residential buildings by the end of 2020. For New […]

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What's inside: In England, opened a hotel where you can live among wildlife

28th November 2019

SHARE In England, in the county of Kent, an unusual 4-star hotel opened – Port Lympne Hotel & Reserve, which at first glance looks like an ordinary hotel with standard rooms and beautiful views. In fact, the hotel is located on the territory of a huge park of wild animals, and the hotel's trick is […]

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What's inside: Airbnb can rent a palace in India

26th November 2019

SHARE Airbnb's online booking platform offers rental apartments for one of the residences of the rulers of Jaipur (India). Such an opportunity arose thanks to the 21-year-old ruler of Jaipur, the Maharaja of Sawaya Padmanabh Singh, who allowed to rent rooms in one of the magnificent palaces – Gudliya Suite. The palace is also called […]

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What's Inside: A whale watching center to be built in Norway

14th November 2019

SHARE The Danish architecture company Dorte Mandrup, based in Copenhagen, presented a design for an unusual building called The Whale, whose design resembles the shape of a whale. The main goal of the building is not only to observe the life of whales, but also to organize events aimed at raising awareness of the life […]

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What's inside: Hard Rock Hotel opened in Hollywood in the form of a guitar

12th November 2019

SHARE In Hollywood, the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino was opened, the building of which resembles a guitar in shape. The hotel, whose height reaches 137 meters, housed 638 rooms, a pool the size of 3 football fields, a concert hall with 7 thousand seats. The hotel also has a spa, restaurants and casinos. […]

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What's Inside: You Can Rent A Harry Potter House On Airbnb

7th November 2019

SHARE All fans of the adventures of the "boy who survived", is dedicated. Airbnb's rental service offers you to rent a house in Godric's Hollow, where Harry Potter, Lily and James lived before they were killed. Of course, in real life, the house is located in the village of Lavenham in the English county of […]

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What's Inside: The world's first skyscraper church in Hong Kong

4th November 2019

SHARE Hong Kong has the first skyscraper church in the world. The Wesleyan Methodist International Church occupies the entire space of the building, with a chapel on the top floor and stunning views of the city. The building, 21 floors high, is located in a densely populated area of ​​the city. The 11,000-square-meter church includes […]

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