The slimming daughter of Valerie spoke of anorexia and sport.

25th May 2019

All her childhood and youth, the eldest daughter of the singer Valeria was pyshechka. Growing up, Anna Shulgina pulled herself together and began to lose weight. The girl breathed to the point that her fans began to talk about anorexia. “When I was a teenager, then, as I remember, anorexia was in fashion, as a […]

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"The result is obvious": 64-year-old Lyubov Uspenskaya spoke about her appearance and rumors of plastic

24th May 2019

Internet users have long suspected that the singer Lyubov Uspenskaya, who exchanged seventh ten, repeatedly performed plastic surgery. Allegedly, otherwise she could not look so young and fresh. The other day, Lyubov Zalmanovna decided to comment on these rumors, being on a cosmetology procedure with her daughter Tatyana. “Those who write to me that I […]

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Comedy Woman star Nadezhda Sysoeva spoke frankly about her shortcomings

23rd May 2019

For many fans, the 34-year-old star of the comedy show Comedy Woman, Nadezhda Sysoeva, is a living embodiment of an ideal — a slender, charming, with expressive features of her face — a kind of Barbie doll. However, even ideal people have flaws, which Nadezhda told the other day to her followers. “I’m Feeling Shy: […]

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