Beauty secrets: tips from stylists

In-demand bridal beauty professionals share useful life hacks with WEDDING readers to create the perfect bride’s makeup and hairstyle. Ekaterina Khokhlova, makeup artist and hair stylist The first and coolest, in my opinion, life hack from all my many years of practice is microcurrent facial massager… This is one of the fastest and most effective gadgets for edema, drooping eyelids […]

Flawless wedding makeup: 6 secrets

Makeup is one of the most important parts of a wedding look, and you cannot underestimate its weight. Otherwise, deciding to save time and money, you will get rolled or leaked cosmetics, in photographs – a dull and flat face, and as a result, spoiled mood. You’ve probably noticed that in the pictures, as well as on the screen, the […]

Formula of love: secrets of star couples

The protagonist of one of Begbeder’s novels was convinced that love lives for three years. Fortunately, many couples disprove controversial literary claims through personal experience. Moreover, over the years of their life together, they found the secret of a strong marriage. A touching love story, vows of love and fidelity, a magnificent wedding and honeymoon – everyone wants family happiness […]