Makeup artist Megan Markle revealed the main secret of her beauty

29th May 2019

The Cinderella story Megan Markle inspires many girls and women. They follow the style of the pet, its appearance, the details of the relationship with the prince. The Refinery29 publication found out from the make-up artist Lidia F. Sellers, who had worked with the actress for two years, the main secret of the beauty of […]

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A friend revealed the secret of fast weight loss by Alla Pugacheva

24th May 2019

Over the past couple of years, Alla Pugacheva has become incredibly thin and younger. The singer herself admitted that a unique medicine from Israel helped her to cure diabetes, so she was “blown away”. But fans do not get tired to sound the alarm, seeing as Alla Borisovna continues to “deflate”, and the actor and […]

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"Do not torture yourself": Natalya Rudova revealed the secret of her slimness

21st May 2019

Followers of 35-year-old Natalya Rudova admire her slim figure and often ask how to achieve the same results. A few hours ago, the actress told how she maintains her form: “How important is sport to you in life? You always ask how much I weigh, how tall I am, what I eat, how many times […]

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