Beauty preparation: how to make a gorgeous smile

A dazzling smile undoubtedly adorns any person, and for the bride and groom it is a necessary attribute. On their main day, the heroes of the occasion attract everyone’s attention and get into the lenses of photo and video cameras, and therefore must look perfect. This is not so difficult to achieve: include teeth whitening in the list of pre-wedding […]

Wedding preparation: at Daviani beaty & spa beauty salon

Daviani beaty & spa specialists will help brides choose their hairstyle and make-up, do coloring – in the salon or outside. For grooms, there are the following options – haircut, manicure, styling, beautician care. Many procedures can be performed simultaneously in a separate office. You can also try various massages and floatation sessions in the immersion bath. If you visit […]

Wedding Preparation: Pilates

Getting ready for your wedding is a great excuse to add Pilates to your schedule, relieve stress and give yourself a new flexible body. Yuri Gavrish, trainer of the PMP studio network, explained to us why the bride really needs it. Good stretching is synonymous with beauty, grace and health. The exercise system, developed by Josef Pilates in 1925 for […]