Photoshop or plastic? Subscribers do not recognize Tatiana Bulanova

26th May 2019

49-year-old singer Tatyana Bulanova shared a photo on the social network showing her new hairstyle: “When it’s not much rain and mood, you have to go to the salon and do a new hairstyle !!”. Photos from Instagram by Tatyana Bulanova Subscribers admired the fresh flowering view of the singer, but many are confident that […]

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Lush breasts, thin waist, flat stomach: Ksenia Borodinu caught in the use of Photoshop

25th May 2019

The photo in a bathing suit, which was published today by Ksenia Borodina, was the cause of heated discussions. The fans are sure: the TV star is processing its beach photos. Publication by Ksenia Borodina (@borodylia) 12 Jul 2018 at 8:27 PDT “Stroynyashka, Ksyunya!”, “Awesome !!! Mom of two children))) "," How do you manage […]

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"Without photoshop, without filters": Vera Brezhneva showed a thin waist and told about sports

24th May 2019

The figure of Vera Brezhnev is envied by many of her fans and even her friends. The Web discusses the “beauty gene”, because all the women in the family of the Faith look great. However, it’s not just genetics. “I went in for sports when I was 20. To lose weight. And when I was […]

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