Olga Buzova on the cover of Playboy showed the perfect press and covered her chest with braces

27th May 2019

“Checkmate”, rejoice the fans of Olga Buzova. While the former husband of the legend “Doma-2” is showing everyone the impressive belly of his pregnant wife, the world is looking at the cover of the new spring issue of Playboy, which Olya has adorned. This picture is very different from previous covers with Buzova. In a […]

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42-year-old Elena Zakharova showed the perfect figure in a bikini

25th May 2019

The famous actress Elena Zakharova became the mother last December: the actress had a daughter. And now the star boasts a stunningly slim figure, which he proudly demonstrates, putting on a rather frank bikini. Thank you Kinotavr for a real holiday Cinema !! 🎬 beautiful world with @bulgariofficial #bvlgarisunglasses # elenazakharova # kinotav2018 Publication by […]

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Endless legs and girlish breasts: 49-year-old Jennifer Aniston showed the perfect figure

23rd May 2019

49-year-old Jennifer Aniston graced the cover of an American ELLE. The constructed actress showed a girlish figure and endless legs. View this post on Instagram Publication from Elle Magazine (@elleusa) December 7, 2018 at 8:13 PST Aniston was frank not only in an interview in which she said that she considered all her marriages successful, […]

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39-year-old Albina Janabaeva showed exercises for the perfect press.

22nd May 2019

Classes in the boxing ring – a new trend of star fitness. Recently, 35-year-old Zara showed a steel press, now Albina Dzhanabaeva boasted with her form. “#Training #power #fast #motivation,” she wrote. Albina is obliged by the ideal form not only to sport, but also to nutrition. By controlling her diet, she sometimes allows herself […]

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