Olga Filatova: "The age is read from a distance along the gait, and this cannot be corrected by any facelift"

31st May 2019

Inspirer, founder of the Edem Resort Medical & SPA complex, psychotherapist, current member of the British Association of Anti-Age Medicine, Olga Filatova told us about how to stay young and healthy in the harsh conditions of the modern world. How to stay young? We know that modern traditional medicine is able to eliminate acute symptoms […]

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The face of Olga Buzovoy called the beauty standard

29th May 2019

Many beauty specialists are surprised by the demand for operations “like Buzova’s” – clients ask cosmeticians and plastic surgeons to make them cheekbones, nose or lips that look like the singer’s appearance. Therefore, at the upcoming Moscow Conference of Women’s City, a group of experts from Brazil is going to simulate Olga’s face to show […]

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Olga Buzova on the cover of Playboy showed the perfect press and covered her chest with braces

27th May 2019

“Checkmate”, rejoice the fans of Olga Buzova. While the former husband of the legend “Doma-2” is showing everyone the impressive belly of his pregnant wife, the world is looking at the cover of the new spring issue of Playboy, which Olya has adorned. This picture is very different from previous covers with Buzova. In a […]

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“They love and hate me, but there are no indifferent ones”: Olga Buzova appeared in a new image on three glossy covers at once

23rd May 2019

Olga Buzova continues to conquer the Russian show business: more recently, the chief editors of glossy magazines were in no hurry to put the newly made singer on the covers of their publications, but recently photos of the latest December issue of Cosmopolitan Russia appeared on the Web, with Olga as the main character. The […]

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