Wedding magazine bachelorette party: wedding talk at Lotte Hotel Moscow

On March 2, a spring bachelorette party Wedding talk was held at the Moscow Lotte Hotel Moscow. The guests of the event learned about the latest wedding trends and received useful advice from the founder of the wedding agency “Two oranges” Angelica Varteresyan, decorator Margarita Batikyan, head of Lotte Wedding & Event Bureau Anna Smirnova, development director of Wedding magazine […]

Wedding magazine runs a competition: on Instagram

Wedding Magazine launches its Summertime Contest! Summer is the time of holidays. Where are you going to go in the near future? Planning to visit all the top attractions or sunbathe on the beach on a secluded island? Looking to skydive in Cappadocia or learn how to make curry in an Indian village? Wherever you go, take Wedding magazine with […]

New issue of Wedding magazine has been released: already on sale

Meet the new issue of Wedding magazine! Stunning stylish spring wedding looks in fashion shoot for the new WEDDING issue. Get inspired by fresh ideas and have fun experimenting! Spring, mood, flowers, bows and happiness. This is definitely love! Photo: @kryuko. Style: @ladarzumanova. Makeup / Hair: @lakhanskayamakeup. Producer: @julatkachenko. Model: @ maria.gertlein x @andyfiordmodels. Bouquets: @flo_kiosque. Manicure: @ilike_nails. Dress: @boscoceremony […]