Why we love Bruce Willis

19th March 2020

March 19, "tough nut" of all times turned 65 years old! We tell why we love Bruce Willis, and gather a fan club of the most charming actor of the 1990s. Willis's acting career began in Manhattan theaters back in the 1970s. Prior to that, he worked as a security guard for a nuclear power […]

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Saturday column: Do I have to sacrifice something in my life for love?

29th February 2020

I was riding in a taxi and thinking about something when I started playing Elton John's No Sacrifices. A song from childhood. I began to listen with nostalgia and suddenly realized that this was not the kind of love song that it seemed to me in childhood. A dialogue ensued with a taxi driver: – […]

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Saturday column: Is it possible to maintain love for another person when you suffer yourself

22nd February 2020

Love always looks beautiful. Beautiful people, smart, even if not perfect, have a great time with each other. Go on beautiful dates to beautiful places. And I'm not even talking now about some kind of sterile, licked world of social networks or popular cinema. And about how we imagine it often. Love, as an image, […]

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Mozart, Roosevelt, Monroe, Stus and Franco: How Great People Declared Love

13th February 2020

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Love in Photos: Patti Smith and Robert Mapplethorpe

31st January 2020

SHARE Albums were dedicated to her by cult rock bands, the name Patti Smith went down in the history of music, it can be found in the list of the greatest performers of all times of the most authoritative music magazine Rolling Stone … At 73, Patti Smith can safely say that she went out […]

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Why we love Kurt Vonnegut

11th November 2019

On November 11, our beloved satirist and greatest master in the field of black humor, Kurt Vonnegut, was born. We are adherents of Vonnegut’s philosophy and fully share his views on life, the complexity of introversion and the frailty of existence. And today we see no reason not to remember why we are so fond […]

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What's Inside: Anne Hathaway's Heroine Apartment from Contemporary Love

31st October 2019

SHARE Amazon Prime's Contemporary Love series is based on the New York Times column of the same name, where readers share their love stories. Actress Anne Hathaway in a episode of the series plays a girl with bipolar disorder. Her periods of euphoria give way to deep depression when she cannot get out of bed. […]

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Why we love Joaquin Phoenix

28th October 2019

Joaquin Phoenix is ​​one of the most modest, charming and deeply gifted actors in Hollywood. From time to time, he makes us empathize, cry, laugh, and sometimes spit in anger, watching the stories told by him of various heroes. The last film with his participation "Joker" proved the fantastic depth of Phoenix's talent. The actor […]

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Love in photographs: Pablo Picasso and Olga Khokhlova

25th October 2019

SHARE In 1917, Pablo Picasso, trying to recover from the death of his beloved Eva, decided to go to Rome and take part in creating the scenery for Diaghilev's ballet Parade. He agreed to this adventure only because he was a close friend of Jean Cocteau, who sincerely believed in the success of the ballet. […]

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Awareness and love of dogs: Habits of millennials worth learning

23rd October 2019

SHARE Millennials refuse to buy real estate and bank accounts, and the main goal of their lives is called saving the planet from environmental disaster. They grew up in the era of terrorist attacks and the popularization of the Internet, survived several financial crises and learned not only to succeed in a volatile world, but […]

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