Why we love Kurt Vonnegut

11th November 2019

On November 11, our beloved satirist and greatest master in the field of black humor, Kurt Vonnegut, was born. We are adherents of Vonnegut’s philosophy and fully share his views on life, the complexity of introversion and the frailty of existence. And today we see no reason not to remember why we are so fond […]

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What's Inside: Anne Hathaway's Heroine Apartment from Contemporary Love

31st October 2019

SHARE Amazon Prime's Contemporary Love series is based on the New York Times column of the same name, where readers share their love stories. Actress Anne Hathaway in a episode of the series plays a girl with bipolar disorder. Her periods of euphoria give way to deep depression when she cannot get out of bed. […]

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Why we love Joaquin Phoenix

28th October 2019

Joaquin Phoenix is ​​one of the most modest, charming and deeply gifted actors in Hollywood. From time to time, he makes us empathize, cry, laugh, and sometimes spit in anger, watching the stories told by him of various heroes. The last film with his participation "Joker" proved the fantastic depth of Phoenix's talent. The actor […]

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Love in photographs: Pablo Picasso and Olga Khokhlova

25th October 2019

SHARE In 1917, Pablo Picasso, trying to recover from the death of his beloved Eva, decided to go to Rome and take part in creating the scenery for Diaghilev's ballet Parade. He agreed to this adventure only because he was a close friend of Jean Cocteau, who sincerely believed in the success of the ballet. […]

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Awareness and love of dogs: Habits of millennials worth learning

23rd October 2019

SHARE Millennials refuse to buy real estate and bank accounts, and the main goal of their lives is called saving the planet from environmental disaster. They grew up in the era of terrorist attacks and the popularization of the Internet, survived several financial crises and learned not only to succeed in a volatile world, but […]

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Love in Photos: Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes

11th October 2019

SHARE On the day she met Ted Hughes, Sylvia knew that their relationship would end tragically. “One day I will die from him,” she wrote in her diary. It is not a matter of poetry or even the ability to predict the future: a girl from her youth suffered from severe depressive disorder and tried […]

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Saturday column: The value of loneliness or how important it is to learn to love yourself

21st September 2019

For the first time in 11 years, I'm alone. Not in a relationship. All this past time, history went in a circle. Some of my relationships ended, albeit always on my initiative or mutual desire, but still, for a short time I was sad, and then someone else immediately appeared. Sometimes this period of time […]

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Why we love Lurman Base

17th September 2019

Films directed by Baz Lurman are a real island of happiness, joy and hope in the seething ocean of harsh reality. From Romeo and Juliet to Australia, his paintings evoke in us a sweet escapism, faith in the best worlds, where if sad things happen, they are all certainly amazing, beautiful and fabulous. Australia, theater, […]

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Love in Photos: Salvatore and Wanda Ferragamo

14th September 2019

SHARE Salvatore Ferragamo shoeed all of Hollywood – from Marilyn Monroe to Audrey Hepburn. But in his life there were only two loves: for high-quality shoes and for his wife Wanda. Before you tell a love story, you need to remember that Salvatore was 24 years older than Wanda. By the time she was born, […]

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Saturday column: About love and boundaries in relationships

17th August 2019

The author of the section, our new editor, is a girl who was never able to choose a pseudonym and chose to remain incognito. Column about relationships, love, psychology, men, personal experiences and the girl’s inner world (for 30). I just started somehow somehow to cope in order to determine my own boundaries and not […]

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