Kim Kardashian showed wasp waist and curvaceous in one underwear

31st May 2019

American teledivan Kim Kardashian regularly puts photos in sexy lingerie or without him in his microblogging. Recently, the beauty showed a picture taken as part of an advertising campaign for dietary dietary supplements Flat Tummy. Kim posed in a short white top, barely covering her imposing bust, and in white thongs. Such a bold set […]

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Caution, hot! Kim Kardashian has shown completely naked breasts and hips close up

26th May 2019

Kim Kardashian often puts candid photos on his microblog. She recently took part in a shoot to advertise her own fragrance, the bottle for which was made in the shape of her body. And last night, Kim published one of the pictures from this photo shoot – and the Internet began to storm. The fact […]

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How Kardashian: young mother Anastasia Kostenko tried on a corset for weight loss

24th May 2019

When Kim Kardashian gave birth to a child, she tried to regain a slender waist with the help of a special corset. Many women followed suit, despite the controversial comments of doctors and skepticism of Dita von Teese. Probably the world-famous member of the family reality show was inspired by Anastasia Kostenko, the wife of […]

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