Palazzo Capponi in Florence: wedding idea

Looking for an unusual wedding venue? Take a closer look at Palazzo Capponi, a 16th century palace in Florence. The luxurious Palazzo Capponi is owned by the Ferragamo family. The palace has a Sala Poccetti hall, available for events. The historic interior, floor-to-ceiling frescoes on the walls will add color to any wedding. In addition, the hall is equipped with […]

It’s just space: an idea for a photo shoot

If standard romantic and wedding photo shoots are not enough for you and you are in search of your own unique scenario, we offer three ideas for cosmically beautiful photos. They can be embodied in the legendary Cosmos pavilion at VDNKh. 1. Make a wish under a flying star And not simple, but the Kremlin one! In the pavilion “Cosmos” […]