Photo of the Day: Fashionable Wedding Look

Wedding asked wedding stylist Oksana Gida, a member of the Wedding Top Stylist, to choose an actual wedding look and comment on it. “The bride has short and thin hair, and Alina wanted long and voluminous curls. Therefore, I used natural tresses and, of course, styling products: Schwarzkopf Osis + hair powder, Osis + Freeze 2 dry hairspray (required for […]

Trends 2020: the most relevant haircuts, fashionable coloring and the best wedding hairstyles

The coronavirus pandemic has undoubtedly affected all areas of our lives, including the beauty industry. The salons were closed for months, and then they struggled to cope with the influx of beauty-hungry clients, working from early morning until night. Have the clients’ requests changed over this period, what trends are current and should they be followed? Anzhelika Listova, master of […]