Fashionable wedge shoes

The use of wedges instead of a heel or a high stiletto heel has become a trend of the last spring-summer season, and will definitely be present this year as well. The fact that shoes with a stylized sole, which thickens from toe to heel, are not only very beautiful, but also comfortable, was proved by fashionistas more than seventy […]

Fashionable women’s shoes with stiletto heels

Every woman, explicitly or subconsciously, wants to wear stiletto heels. No matter how old she is, no matter what social and material position she has, professional purpose – a woman lives with a dream about this shoe. A hairpin is an image, an association in the head of the opposite sex, true femininity and beauty. Believe me, no man, when […]

Fashionable men’s windbreakers 2014

The end of the cold and in many ways unpleasant season marks not only the appearance of snowdrops and the first green vegetation, but also a complete wardrobe change. We remove heavy and maximally insulated things, and replace them with more open ones, which at the same time can shelter and save from various weather conditions of the spring-summer season, […]

Stylish and fashionable sweatshirts for girls

The classic style of clothing definitely looks very presentable and adds advantages to the external image. And what to do if it is cold and damp outside the window, a chilling wind blows to the heart and soul, which instantly vanishes all thoughts of high fashion, just put on something warm and pleasant to the body as soon as possible. […]

Fashionable pants winter 2015

Until recently, it was impossible even to imagine that no woman could do without trousers. After all, they used to be considered an exclusively masculine element of clothing, but today they have become one of the most popular items of women’s wardrobe. In the winter 2015 season, trousers are presented in a wide variety of models and stylistic solutions. Most […]

How to create your own fashionable look for every day?

All girls try to look beautiful at parties, parties and events, but what about looking fashionable and elegant every day? Each new day is unique, so we should not miss the opportunity and decorate our everyday life so that each of them will be remembered for a long time. Many women believe that fashion and convenience are two incompatible things. […]

Photo of the Day: Fashionable Wedding Look

Wedding asked wedding stylist Oksana Gida, a member of the Wedding Top Stylist, to choose an actual wedding look and comment on it. “The bride has short and thin hair, and Alina wanted long and voluminous curls. Therefore, I used natural tresses and, of course, styling products: Schwarzkopf Osis + hair powder, Osis + Freeze 2 dry hairspray (required for […]

Trends 2020: the most relevant haircuts, fashionable coloring and the best wedding hairstyles

The coronavirus pandemic has undoubtedly affected all areas of our lives, including the beauty industry. The salons were closed for months, and then they struggled to cope with the influx of beauty-hungry clients, working from early morning until night. Have the clients’ requests changed over this period, what trends are current and should they be followed? Anzhelika Listova, master of […]