Women’s blouses – fashion for all ages

Few of us have not heard of the name Coco Chanel. Indeed, it was with her active participation that such a huge breakthrough in the fashion world was made, which led to a complete change in the female image. Her famous little woman’s dress, masculine style of dress, tweed jacket and tan fashion would be ample reason to remember her […]

Camouflage in women’s fashion is stylish and sexy!

Military-style clothing is always relevant. They do not write articles about her in fashion magazines, she does not shine every season on the catwalks of famous designers, but she can be found in the wardrobe of almost any fashionista. Such clothes can be glamorous and stylish, and no less than dresses of other styles from the latest collections. The secret […]

One century of endless love: how wedding fashion has changed over the past 100 years

In project “Love is one century long“ can be clearly seenhow costumes and accessories, hairstyles and makeup, and fashion for wedding looks have changed. Visagiste Ksenia Knyazeva told how she created images for a couple. – As a makeup artist, it was very interesting for me to study and then recreate fashionable images of different decades. According to the idea, […]