The changed Elena Isinbayeva was confused with Ekaterina Varnaba

28th May 2019

Fans of the legendary athlete Yelena Isinbayeva have long noticed: their pet much prettier, becoming a mother. The Olympic champion began to experiment with style more often. Today she boasted a new styling and changed hair color. “How do you like my new hairstyle?” The star flirts. Publication from Yelena Isinbaeva (@isinbaevayelena) March 19, 2018 […]

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Elena Stepanenko told how she managed to lose 46 kilograms

27th May 2019

Recently, humorist Elena Stepanenko appeared at the premiere of her show “Merry, Beautiful” on Russia 1 TV channel, which was noticeably built. It turned out that Elena Grigorievna has got rid of almost 50 kilograms over the past year and a half! How did she do it? The star said in an interview with StarHit […]

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42-year-old Elena Zakharova showed the perfect figure in a bikini

25th May 2019

The famous actress Elena Zakharova became the mother last December: the actress had a daughter. And now the star boasts a stunningly slim figure, which he proudly demonstrates, putting on a rather frank bikini. Thank you Kinotavr for a real holiday Cinema !! 🎬 beautiful world with @bulgariofficial #bvlgarisunglasses # elenazakharova # kinotav2018 Publication by […]

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Elena Dobrovolskaya on the current issue of preserving the architecture of modernism

22nd May 2019

"Man is the sum of his deeds" Joseph Brodsky Elena Dobrovolskaya – the main architect of the Kiev design studio, winner of three European awards – SBID, IIDL, European Properties Award, including for the design of the school at Novopecherski Lypky. We have chosen not without reason the meeting place “Plate” (editor's note – the […]

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