King of horrors: How Alfred Hitchcock would dress today

13th August 2019

A rich potion from Gothic Victorian melodrama, comedy, theater, suspense and a chilling gloomy atmosphere is the golden thriller formula that was presented to the world by director Alfred Hitchcock. Back in the 1920s, when British cinema was at a disadvantage, losing to the American and European, Hitchcock was an energetic innovator and enthusiast, whose […]

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Red latex and denim for all occasions: Dress like the heroes of the series "Beverly Hills 90210"

7th August 2019

On August 7, Beverly Hills 90210 returns to the screens. The continuation of the cult series of the 90s promises to be the main premiere of the whole summer (at least for those who grew up in those turbulent times). “Beverly Hills” spanned a decade: the premiere took place in 1990, and the last episode […]

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52-year-old Halle Berry in a translucent dress eclipsed everyone on the red carpet of the Golden Globe

21st July 2019

52-year-old Halle Berry in a translucent dress eclipsed everyone on the red carpet of the Golden Globe

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Dress up like the heroines of the series "Gossip Girl"

18th July 2019

The series “Gossip Girl” returns – a story about teenagers from the Upper East Side will be redefined for the younger generation. To everyone who is a little over 20, “Gossip Girl” was remembered from school days. Serena and Blair fell in love with everyone in the preppy style, hoops and very strange end-of-zero trends, […]

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Dress up like the heroine of the series "Big Little Lie"

12th July 2019

“My job is to give the actor a second skin in which he can become a different person,” says costume designer Alix Friedberg. She received an Emmy award for working on the first season of the Big Little Lie series. Psychological thrillers are not new to her: this Friedberg created costumes for the TV series […]

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French chic and love dramas: Dress like the heroines of Francoise Sagan

21st June 2019

Francoise Sagan released her first scandalous novel “Hello, sadness”, when she just turned 19 years old. Since then, she has shocked the restrained literary public with her free lifestyle: alcohol, drugs, sports cars, gambling and sexual freedom in protest of the traditional views of France. Francoise worked as hard as she had fun. Despite the […]

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Ode to the dress: Dress like Nicole Kidman

20th June 2019

Hollywood divas inevitably became icons of style and luxury at all times. Today, the tendency to be inspired by images of famous actresses is just as relevant as it was 100 years ago. True, artists prefer an ever more comfortable style, reduced to minimally luxurious, with the exception of outrageous characters like Billy Porter, Lady […]

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Freedom and Multicultural Chic: Dress Up Like Boy George

14th June 2019

Gender conventions today are shaken irrevocably thanks to the efforts of activists and queer icons of the last decades, demonstrating the extraordinary position and appearance of society and gradually teaching it to the idea that there should be no framework long ago. Today we finally have complete freedom of action and choice in almost everything, […]

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Fashion Odyssey: How Jacques-Yves Cousteau would dress in our time

11th June 2019

"Only impossible missions bring success" Jacques-Yves Cousteau 109 years ago, in the south of France, a man was born who gave us a whole world of exciting discoveries about the oceans and was the first to express the seemingly fantastic, but surprisingly sensible idea that humanity should not just explore the ocean, but live in […]

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"A withered old woman": Yana Rudkovskaya was severely criticized for her frank neckline on her dress

25th May 2019

At 43 years old, producer Yana Rudkovskaya looks like a girl. She does not hesitate to wear candid outfits, super short skirts – and often turns out to be a victim of haters. New Yana's dress with a slit outraged her followers. The star was called “the dried-up old woman”, it was recommended to stop […]

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