Dress like: Kate Moss style icon

16th January 2020

Kate Moss has become famous for luxurious filming and catwalking exits, high-profile antics, friendship with Naomi Campbell and a romantic union with Johnny Depp. In the middle of all this model, she also managed to dress flawlessly. Kate, appearing every time in public, looked as if she did not try to dress up at all. […]

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Dress like: The hero of the movie "Home Alone" Kevin McCallister

16th December 2019

An unbreakable Christmas classic, the movie Home Alone with Macaulay Culkin in the title role, has been a magical island of childhood, joy and hope for 30 years, and many of us review it every year. From the non-prodigious housekeepers of Harry and Marv, the mysterious uncle with a shovel and Mom Kevin to the […]

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Dress like: Heroine Jodie Foster from the movie Silence of the Lambs

19th November 2019

In 1991, the film Silence of the Lambs was released – an adaptation of the novel by writer Thomas Harris about the cannibal with sophisticated intelligence, Dr. Hannibal Lecter. Young Jodie Foster in the film Jonathan Demmy played the role of a cadet of the FBI Academy, who made contact with Lecter in order to […]

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Glamor, preppy and bourgeois chic: Dress up as the heroine of the movie "8 Women" by François Ozon

15th November 2019

18 years ago, Francois Ozon directed the musical drama "8 Women", in which they played the roles of Catherine Deneuve, Fanny Ardant, Isabelle Huppert, Ludivine Sagnier, Emmanuelle Beart, Virginie Ledoyen and others. As befits the Ozone films, "8 Women" is distinguished by its lightness, bordering on the grotesque, seasoned style and real Hitchcock suspense. The […]

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Space dandy: Dress like Tilda Swinton

5th November 2019

The texture, style, manners and biophysics of actress Tilda Swinton do not look like anything, attract attention instantly as soon as she appears on the screen, in the chronicle, in a cafe or on the street. The lightness, charm and simplicity with which Tilda plays in the movies and broadcasts her image off the screen […]

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Dress like: Heroine Catherine Deneuve from the movie "Daytime Beauty"

22nd October 2019

Paris of the 1960s and 70s is not the first season to inspire designers: Edie Slimane turns to the bourgeois style in Celine, Nicolas Geschierre moves away from the iconic futurism of Louis Vuitton in favor of flared trousers and blouses with bows. “Daytime Beauty” of 1967 is a film about a pair of bourgeois […]

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Sport, punk and romance: Dress like Gwen Stefani in the 90s

4th October 2019

In 1997, Gwen Stefani, then No Doubt lead singer, appeared on the red carpet of the MTV Music Awards with bright blue knotted hair, a terry blue bikini and a black vinyl skirt worn over trousers. This image is recognized as a cult example of the eclectic fashion of the 90s and is still quoted […]

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How to dress for the party: Tell Valentina Supikhanova, Anastasia Ershova, Alina Boyko

3rd October 2019

When parties are an integral part of life at the call of the heart or on duty, you will learn the rules of the dress code and the tricks of the wardrobe. In a special project, the editors of L’Officiel-Ukraine talked with three girls who know everything about parties and more. Alina Boyko Business consultant […]

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Hollywood Goddess: Dress Up As Greta Garbo

18th September 2019

Examples to follow we always choose those who managed to combine in their image ease and the highest degree of elegance. The exceptional and outstanding external image in such people is consonant with their inner charisma, an original manner of representation and, of course, fame. Greta Garbo was just such an example to follow and […]

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King of horrors: How Alfred Hitchcock would dress today

13th August 2019

A rich potion from Gothic Victorian melodrama, comedy, theater, suspense and a chilling gloomy atmosphere is the golden thriller formula that was presented to the world by director Alfred Hitchcock. Back in the 1920s, when British cinema was at a disadvantage, losing to the American and European, Hitchcock was an energetic innovator and enthusiast, whose […]

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