"The chest went for a walk": Polina Gagarina does not complex because of her modest forms

30th May 2019

Polina Gagarina never worried because of the size of her bust and once again demonstrated this by posting selfies on Instagram in a bikini. Recall now the singer and her family are resting in the Maldives. Polina left ironic hashtags for the post: “#number ofBreast #brotherswalked # promised to return”. Fans appreciated their favorite humor […]

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Olga Buzova on the cover of Playboy showed the perfect press and covered her chest with braces

27th May 2019

“Checkmate”, rejoice the fans of Olga Buzova. While the former husband of the legend “Doma-2” is showing everyone the impressive belly of his pregnant wife, the world is looking at the cover of the new spring issue of Playboy, which Olya has adorned. This picture is very different from previous covers with Buzova. In a […]

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"Silicon rumpled": Victoria Boney's changed chest scared fans

26th May 2019

The new video, which appeared on Victoria Boney's blog, puzzled and worried her fans. The chest of the star seemed to them asymmetrical and uneven. “Oh-yoy, what's with the chest?”, “One chest is more than chtoli?”, “What do you have with the chest … right big .. square … and left … smaller …”, “Che […]

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