Sport, punk and romance: Dress like Gwen Stefani in the 90s

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In 1997, Gwen Stefani, then No Doubt lead singer, appeared on the red carpet of the MTV Music Awards with bright blue knotted hair, a terry blue bikini and a black vinyl skirt worn over trousers. This image is recognized as a cult example of the eclectic fashion of the 90s and is still quoted – even on sites with party outfits you can find replicas of a blue bikini, wigs under Gwen and spreading skirts. No Doubt fell into the category of fashion awards as the most stylish group, and Vivienne Westwood herself went on a creative collaboration with Gwen, who, by the way, built all her outfits until the early 2000s and passed fashion through her own value filter. However, like Vivienne. The mixture of punk, street fashion and later bourgeois chic made the singer a real icon of the last decade of the 90s and the good half of the 2000s. Gwen easily exchanged pink hair, camouflage, sports tops and flight jackets for Hollywood styling, bloody lipstick and snow-white trouser suits. Dresses in a flower as in a kaleidoscope mixed with rainbow tops, silver harem pants and outfits at the junction of a cabaret and Japanese Lolit. As a child, Gwen, together with her mother, came up with outfits for the holidays, school evenings and dances, and gradually honed a unique, unconditioned taste. A deep, sincere love for fashion as an expression of the interior led the artist to open her own brands LAMB and Harajuku Lovers. She was inspired by the acquaintance with the original street fashion of the Harajuku district of Tokyo.

Gwen turned 50 years old, and, like in the 90s, she is original, impeccably eclectic and sustained at the same time, and her street style images can be used as role models. However, the most important thing that she taught many of us is a creative approach to our own image, courage and playing with imagination. 22 years ago, Stephanie wore bindi, dozens of gilt bracelets and wristlets, adorned her face with rhinestones and put on Indian saris with minimalistic tops, and later she shone with luxurious styling, in snow-white trousers and revealing tops with placers of gold chains on top. Gwen is a storehouse of ideas. We are inspired by the images of the artist from the 90s and early 2000s, the key elements of which will be useful to us in the coming seasons at parties and in everyday life.

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