Space dandy: Dress like Tilda Swinton

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The texture, style, manners and biophysics of actress Tilda Swinton do not look like anything, attract attention instantly as soon as she appears on the screen, in the chronicle, in a cafe or on the street. The lightness, charm and simplicity with which Tilda plays in the movies and broadcasts her image off the screen amaze in the heart. The actress comes with great taste and an impeccable sense of style for both shooting and life.

Actress promotes naturalness

In scenes, in movements, cues and images. Therefore, her own image is always pleasing to the eye, does not cause rejection or bewilderment, because it is dictated by the internal motives of Tilda herself and reflects her attitude. According to Tilda herself, who slipped off his heel and a ridiculous movement to correct it, the awkwardness of a long and painful selection of words in the dialogue is the components of a unique charm. Tilda also prefers natural makeup. Also in clothes.

Tilda dresses like a dandy, but always complements the look with high-heeled shoes

He also picks up exquisite textures, but puts on a flying scarf over his shirt, and an unbuttoned jacket on top and tightened trousers to everything, so that the result is indescribable magic: sophistication is intertwined with ease – and the aristocratic Tilda looks like a duchess from outer space. High heel shoes are an organic and unpretentious continuation of many images of the actress. So, she balances masculinity with classic femininity. We can say that the style of the actress resembles the oriental and sophisticated style of Lord Byron, and at the same time sometimes turns into Brammel minimalism – perfect pantsuits, snow-white shirts or cream blouses.

No pretentiousness, but more freedom and imagination

You can’t see Tilda in frivolous ruffles covered with logos and monograms in Dolce & Gabbana style dresses, but you can see them in flowing silk dresses of complex shades, luxurious floor dresses or grotesque silhouettes of clothes and unusual headdresses in Tim Walker's pictures – and you can’t say that these fantasy images are not in tune with the vision of Tilda herself.

A little retro cam

Tilda fits unsurpassed in the role of an elegant fashionista from the 1940s. If the actress appears in a jacket with a peplum of a candy shade, a straight skirt or hypergenic dress in the spirit of the golden age of Hollywood – in her performance it looks really royal luxurious. The main thing is the lack of catchy make-up, accessories and jewelry, and certainly a soft, mysterious smile and naturalness.

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