South Korean designer Grace Shin: "The brand has become my main school"

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In search of new names, the fashion world often turns its eyes to South Korea – a country that has revolutionized the field of beauty and has recently shown more and more fashion talents. They do not yet have their “Antwerp Six” or the influence of the Japanese design clan, but names with global potential are heard from there more and more often. One such is Grace Sheen, who founded the brand Le 17 Septembre.

Nowadays, you will often find brands created by bloggers on Instagram. For the most part, they are easy to understand and understand, are in the middle price range and, of course, look very instagrammable. Brand Grace Sheen Le 17 Septembre is a kind of exception to this trend, which will definitely please all fans of the bourgeois minimalist aesthetics #oldceline. While still a young violinist who traveled to Seoul for music lessons, Grace became interested in fashion. Then, in order to dress according to the latest trends that she observed in the windows of luxury boutiques, Shin alter old mother's dresses – her first product was a redone Mac. In 2011, she launched her blog, just as bloggers were rapidly gaining popularity and influence in the industry. “I don’t really care if my blog has a major theme or idea,” explains Grace, whose name in Korean sounds like Eunhye. “I always sincerely wanted to share my everyday life, what makes me happy and what I put on " Gradually, she began to sew more and more clothes for herself, and subscribers who shared her taste and aesthetics became her first customers.

Simple joys

Grace fully launched the brand in 2013 and named it after her birthday, September 17, sometimes shortening the name Le 17 Septembre to Le917. The motivation was simple – the designer wanted everyone who wears her things to feel as happy as on her birthday. “We achieve this feeling thanks to high quality, excellent silhouette, a cut that fits on any figure, and subtle sewing techniques,” says Shin. She is also not wise with sources of inspiration, starting from the fabric in the first place: “When I see the“ right ”fabrics, I can easily imagine how to emphasize them as much as possible with the help of design. And even greater joy brings me the opportunity to show the value of materials to our clients.” .

Le 17 Septembre AW 2019 Campaign

With the neatness and attention to detail characteristic of Koreans, Shin weaves elements of a traditional costume into his designs, while leaving them understandable to the global public: “I prefer to use Korean ethnic features in small details rather than in obvious forms, for example, in knots or concave lines shoulders. " In this way, she pays tribute to her origin and the hallmarks of Korean traditional silhouettes, which are unlike anything else. All this Grace manages to do without formal fashion education: “The brand has become my main school – it teaches me a lot about design and doing business. In addition, I work with high-level professionals, I constantly study with them, so I didn’t even show up the thought of going somewhere to study to get a diploma. "

Slowly but surely

Le 17 Septembre AW 2019 Campaign

The fall-winter 2019 collection is the first in 6 years of the brand's existence, which will be available not only in its show room. Le 17 Septembre is moving from a direct selling model to working with retailers and from the first season will be represented in 30 online and offline stores around the world, including Net-a-Porter and Ukrainian Spazio. “This season is a new start for us, because we are introducing the brand for the first time at the international level,” says Grace. “In the collection, I wanted to convey our authenticity as a Korean brand to the maximum, so it became a selection of the main silhouettes that I honed even more "

Le 17 Septembre AW 2019 Campaign

Entering the global market takes place at the best time for Le917 – the demand for bourgeois-beautiful clothes on the verge of classics is growing steadily, and everyone was tired of the triumph of ugliness. Straight, slightly oversized plaid coats with sloping shoulders, dresses whose silhouette is shaped with a seemingly simple but intricate knot at the waist, an unusual cut blouse with voluminous sleeves – her things, claiming the status of a modern classic, are not tarnished by trends and at the same time fascinate Fleur Korean ethnics. And most importantly, this all clearly shows the individuality of the designer, which will allow her to further protect the world of Le 17 Septembre, full of simple joys from owning beautiful and comfortable clothes.

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