Sociologist Georg Zіmmel about the sound of fashion and nature, politics and bazhennyam zdavatisya more beautifully, nowhere и rightly

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Sociologist Georg Zіmmel (1858-1918) a cyclist of his own thoughts about fashion in the philosophy of Philosophy of Culture.

For Zіmemel, on the other side of the world of philosophers, life would not be empty in space, but people didn’t dream like a vipadkovy nabіr khіmіchnyh elements. For such a fine nature, like George Zіmmel, life seemed to be an uninterrupted promotion of human beings, thoughts, sponukan. To this, the fashion for a new bull is not only a social and cultural phenomenon, but a metaphor of the bazhan.

Fashion for people

Zimmel pershim s sociologists rivaling fashion no less than the manifestation of supernitsky ambitions and the mechanism that came to life – as in the skin aspect of life, it’s more beautiful to bach. I mean “beautiful” ц socialization: for the support of the modi ив individ ц social і socialization ’, in addition to modifying it, integrating into suspension.

Lyudina began to vikoristovuvati fashion for the assurance of respect for the discerning, abi show yourself with a short side. Fashion has become a viral role of suspension.

Bazhannya vidititsya for additional fashion trends naikrashche v_dobrazhaє a huge thought and mood in suspension. For the butt, it’s possible to guess the wish of the 1970s, but rather suffragists, they have drawn a beautiful color with a symbol of fighting for the rights of others.

Suspension is immaterial without modi

For Zіmemel, the fashion pool is in the form of social – simple and repeat pattern of human interactions, vivchenny yaky vin having assigned a large part of his life. Behind the principle of social wisdom is the two basic functions of the form in the form of human interactions: one after another and two separate ones.

Zіmemel, aka Spencer, having seen clearly understood: people, follow the fashion, see the middle of the past, show their own identity, and make the decision one time. Together with such an order, indiviidi will be united in the environment of the social group and the last in suspension.

Ale Zimmel emphasizes respect on the fact that fashion is possible only in suspensions with a socially-structured structure and cannot be outnumbered there (dearly, like Karl Marx, є everywhere).

Fashion zaluchaє to politics

The fashion is to get ready for ideas, to form in higher classes and move on to the lower ones. If the fashion is elite to the bottom, it’s all right and right. Representatives of the lower classes, clinging to the manner of elit, vidchuvayut their heal up to the level of aspects of living in a class.

And since representatives of the booming class were boolean at their most representatives of power, people showed sympathy for themselves to the political sphere. The fashion of the bull’s fashion is a way to keep it up to the sovereign reference, get closer to the ultimate suspension. Tsya іlіuzіya often called up to the number of European revolutions in the nineteenth table. Politics, like fashion, has entered the Masi.

Politics may be trendsetters

Having written Zіmmel ’about quietly, whom are they for today, trendsetters, ale trochs in the mainstream – I know the same, more important. The owners of the land, a yak in modernity, cease to be irrevocable, governing the power of the mother to go to people, who can transfer new trends and spirit to the hour. Such ludina is not just more beautiful than the transmission of possible turnaround of internal and external policies, but the first program that promotes new styles of political policy.

Fashion pragne to nature

In "Philosophy of Culture", the author of the community has his own thoughts about the sound of fashion and nature. Lyudina, who’s following the fashion, get into the wild with nature. However, the sociologist of the Mav is not respecting flora and fauna.

Zimmel called “the extinct nature” slurry, Kerovans the natural instincts – to be “human nature”. The fashion is to come up with suspension ideas, suspension ideas, to your own heart, nature. Tendencies, you can pan out in suspension, approach the dermal, and rely on them to help them to improve their indivisibility, to the price of “the infernal nature” mas.

Fashion – seclusion of ownership

Zimmel wanted to clarify addiction to fashion until the social status of the society: fashion allowed him to satisfy the need for self-referential and quiet status in quiet areas, as long as there are big areas of livelihood. For additional cloth, women could have their own political interests and voted to protest the suspension standards, as it were in the nineteenth century. Syodny feminists vikoristovuyut masculinity yak zasib struggling with gender stereotypes and sexism.

Georg Zіmmel viriv, but in the XXth century fashion has ceased to be separate from the main irregularities, and, on the other hand, it will melt into the mechanism of social justice. Fashion became mass and accessible, and later, Zіmemel did not have mercy.

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