"Silicon rumpled": Victoria Boney's changed chest scared fans

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The new video, which appeared on Victoria Boney's blog, puzzled and worried her fans. The chest of the star seemed to them asymmetrical and uneven.

“Oh-yoy, what's with the chest?”, “One chest is more than chtoli?”, “What do you have with the chest … right big .. square … and left … smaller …”, “Che is Vika u you with breast implants ??? ”,“ Silicone is crushed ”,“ The chest began to flow, ”amazed followers write.

“After the plastics?”, “The edema, the breast has done, time will pass and everything will be sevenfold,” they hope.

Recently, Vika has been actively working on her figure. She recovered a few pounds, goes to the gym. The star admitted that now she did not like how she looked during a civil marriage with Alex Smerfit.

And this is how Bonya looked when she was 15.

Publication from victoriabonya (@ victoriabonya2) 6 May 2018 at 3:12 PDT

Which of the images of Victoria do you like more – a slim millionaire bride or a sporty independent lady?

Photo: instagram

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