Exit ceremony: and a cozy evening with your family

Alexander and Natalia Concept The main idea was to visually convey some emotional and lyrical waves, vibrations between lovers. This became especially clear in the evening with the daylight leaving, when the light accents in the ceremony area and the waves themselves began to truly “move”, shimmer and “live”. Wedding day The wedding of Sasha and Natasha was very active, […]

Сrystal Ocean: wedding in the Constantine Palace

The wedding agency Royal Wedding spoke about the wedding of Alexander and Milana, which took place in the Constantine Palace in St. Petersburg last summer. According to the concept, called Crystal Ocean, the main events were to take place in the very center of the ocean, among iridescent crystals, transparent and mirrored glass drops. A teardrop-shaped podium, splashes of water, […]

“We got married at the height of the coronavirus”: the real story of a couple

While other couples are postponing their wedding due to the pandemic, Reseda and Constantine decided to get married no matter what. The wedding turned out to be intimate, only for two. However, there were many emotions! Reseda and Constantine told Wedding about their unique wedding. We planned to hold our wedding with the most dear people: our parents, siblings with […]

Chamber wedding: in the mountains of Georgia

Elena and Eugene Wedding photographer Elena Pavlova chose Georgia for her ceremony. The place was not chosen by chance. By profession, Elena has visited many wonderful places ideal for a wedding. Mountains in Georgia were chosen for their special, unique atmosphere. The couple invited only relatives and relatives who shared the celebration of the moment. Bride image Wedding day Ceremony […]

“Through the labyrinths of life I always see your light”: wedding in Moscow

Is it possible to make a wedding spectacular and magnificent, and at the same time intimate and atmospheric? Sure! This project in Moscow was just like that. Concept Only bypassing the complex and intricate labyrinths of life, you begin to truly appreciate sincere love. Decor To accommodate guests at the ceremony, a metaphorical park labyrinth was created, in the center […]

Russian-American wedding with an Italian accent: the experience of an organizer

Anna Kuzovkina, Wonder Event wedding agency, told Wedding about the nuances of remote wedding preparation, an international couple and their large-scale wedding in a medieval villa in Italy. Anna Kuzovkina, Wonder Event Brett and Jeanne Training Brett and Jeanne adore Italy, and often their dates took place here. The couple is in love with the Italian flavor, cuisine and, of […]