Scandinavian minimalism: Dressing like Ingrid Bergman

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We love to fantasize on the subject of changing clothes and the main sources of inspiration are artists of the past who have significantly influenced fashion. Ingrid Bergman did this without much effort, and, moreover, she did not even strive for it, however today her minimalistic and extremely functional wardrobe would be at the height of fashion.

The main rules of Bergman's style were simplicity, truthfulness and inspiration. Along with these postulates came practicality and functionality. It is noteworthy that in childhood, the future actress loved to dress up, and her father Justus Bergman even stylized the shooting with his beloved daughter, putting on her costumes and hats. The young grandmother of Ingrid instilled in her a passion for order, impeccability and ascetic neatness, so that in her student years, Ingrid, who loved to wear tweed skirts, coarse knit sweaters, rude boots, looked more glamorous than her friends in elegant dresses.

Bergman did not change her style, both utilitarian and inspired, in the future, when she became a famous Hollywood star. Wide woolen or cotton trousers, a coat, as if from a man’s shoulder, or, conversely, strictly feminine and closed silhouettes, exquisite milk and cream shades of a blouse and shirt, sweaters and laconic evening dresses – today the actress could become an ambassador and preacher of Phoebe Fileau’s and the Celine style that we have loved so much in recent years. And even if you repeat the style of the actress in a more authentic reading, the final result can be brought out to be fashionable – due to accessories, shoes, makeup and styling. And by the way, the original Bergman hairstyle, combined, for example, with a leather coat accented at the waist and coarse boots will be the perfect solution for this fall.

Of course, in the cinematic images, Ingrid could not do without feminine hats, polka-dot blouses or even dresses in floral patterns, however, even in these cases, the texture and inner elegance of Bergman came to the fore. The almost complete lack of jewelry, not too elaborate, but luxurious styling, direct look, calm, graceful movements and manners – this was the appeal of Ingrid Bergman. And her manner of dressing only emphasized inner discipline, nobility and real female charm and greatness.

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